Special Days To Express Love And Beyond…

February is said to be the month of love. In this month many love days are celebrated such as Rose Day(February 7th), Propose day(February 8th), Chocolate Day(February 9th), Teddy Day(February 10th), Promise Day(February 11th ), Hug Day(February 12th), Kiss day( February 13th) and finally Valentine ‘s day which is celebrated on 14th February worldwide.

These all days, as well as their names show that we celebrate these days to express our love towards our partner. But in my opinion we can express our love towards our partners each and every moment of the year. We should not have a particular day to confess our love and feelings towards anyone and we should think that every day is a special day. We should show our care and love to everyone every day. We should stay kind-hearted and a helping hand for everyone always. Instead of celebrating these days or buying a teddy bear, a chocolate, a rose or a balloon spend this money on those children and families who can’t afford to celebrate these days, the ones who are not happy with their lives, the ones who have a financial crisis, the ones who don’t have food, shelter and even any family. You could distribute food, money and toys in any orphanage and make those little flowers feel happy, be the reason for their smiles, make them feel that they are not alone, let them know that they are also loved share your smile with them, they also have importance in the world; let them know that they are also an important part of the world. If you are a wealthy person you can also help a poor family by providing them with a permanent shelter. You can help any poor family with their children’s education, providing them with uniform, with books and paying their school fee every month. This will prove our humanity, this will show our love and care for our inferior classes and this will make everyone feel equal, everyone feel equally important. You can express your love with your wife/husband and children everyday but you won’t have time to express the same love with the children who don’t have parents. So at least, share your love with these children in this month and make them feel special. I think that we should equally love those children and those families who don’t have a guardian, the ones who can’t earn. And make yourself, those children, those families and Allah feel proud and happy. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” So love everyone equally.

Limiting our expressions of love and care to one specific day or moment is promoting the concepts of old homes and orphanages as we are becoming less sensitive to our dear ones and their needs. We want to express our love for our mother on Mother’s day, for father on father’s day and for life partner on valentine’s day without realizing the fact that all our relations require love, attention, care throughout the year, round the clock, 24/7. It’s really thought provoking that remaining 364 days of our lives are for whom? Why we are striving in our lives without the love of our dear ones on daily basis. Love and care is that medicine which is prescribed for 365 days of a year to cure all our depressions, stress, anxieties and problems. In my opinion sharing and expressing love is crucial for our healthy growth but it should not be specific or limited to some specific persons or specific days. Love and care could cure lot of prevailing problems of current world and could make this world a better place for all of us.

I hope you all would understand my talk and would also convey this message to your loved ones and friends. Spread this message and make this planet a friendly planet in which everyone loves each other, everyone living together with care and harmony.

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  1. Mussarat Jabin says

    She is right that love shouldn’t be specific or limited to some specific persons or specific days. I really appreciate this girl of grade 8. I pray that every Muslim girls and boys think like that.

  2. Binish Nauman says

    Wonderful expression and nice concept indeed… Keep it up Qaneta your good work

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