Collateral Damage – A Failure

On 23 October 2002, in Moscow, some Chechen militants entered in a theater and held hostage to the people who came to watch a movie. Chechens demanded that Russian army should leave the Chechnya where Russian forces were fighting a war against Chechens at their homeland.

40 to 50 Chechen militants including male and females were entered in theater and they had suicide jackets and explosive material. They installed different explosive devices in theater and announced that if Russian army would try to enter the theater and if their demands would not be accepted then all the hostages would be killed and the Russian forces would be responsible.

It was a big challenge for Russian authorities because they were not going to accept the demands and if they accepted, in that case Russian forces had to leave the Chechen’s homeland.

Russian forces decided to launch operation against militants and used a new technique, they used undisclosed chemical which had never been revealed by the Russian forces till today. The forces and security agencies planned the operation against militants who were 40 to 50 and they held hostage to 850 people in theater.

Russian forces pumped a gas into theater and wait for the reaction few minutes later a person came out and he was not in his senses. Then, Russian forces entered in the theater and say the terrible scene. More than 170 people had lost their lives due to that gas. It was a big failure for Russian forces and a collateral damage of operation.

In another incident, on 1st September 2014 in Russia, few militants entered in the Beslan School which was located at Beslan town, North Ossetia. At that time almost 1100 people were in the school including 777 children.

The militants were again Chechens and they demanded the recognition of the independence of the Chechnya and withdrawal of the Russian army. Their demands were same and they came with heavy explosives.

The siege was continued till three days and the third day Russian force rejected the demands of the militants and entered the school with big tanks and fired rockets on the building.

At the end of the operation 334 people had lost their lives excluding all militants. It was again a big failure for the Russian forces and a big collateral damage of operation.

In Pakistan, we have seen on 16 December 2014, some militants entered a school in Peshawar. They wanted to fulfill their demands from Pakistani army which was fighting a war against them in different areas and the same time Pakistani army was in alliance with USA’s “War on Terror”.

The militants held hostage to the students in school. Amy was not interested to fulfill their demands and started operation with heavy weapons. At the end of the operation more than 150 students including all militants lost their lives. It was a big failure and collateral damage of operation.

We have seen many other operations and air strikes which killed many innocent people in different countries although every collateral damage is a big failure of its operator. As we seen US drone has killed hundreds of innocent people in different countries and US gave us the term “collateral damage” to justify its failures.

Recently, we seen an operation in Sahiwal, where Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) conducted intelligence based operation on information of Pakistan’s top intelligence agency. CTD officers opened fire on a car which was travelling from Lahore to Burewala.

4 people were killed including two females. After investigation it was proved that 3 out of 4 were totally innocent while 4th one was also not proved as guilty in any case or activity. It was a big failure of all security agencies who brutally killed innocent people. It was not collateral damage it was a big failure because collateral damage is a failure and negligence of its operator.

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  1. Muhammad Ahmad says

    Very impressive, certainly, such damages are dangerous for the state in the long term. Because, these damages enemies of state inside, and then things can go out of control.

    1. Asad Mughal says

      Dear brother I’m agreed with your comment, we have right to raise our voice against injustice.

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