Brutality At Its Peak; Aren’t Domestic Workers Humans?

Many of the cases happened in Pakistan in which domestic workers are brutally belabored, like the recent case happened with Uzma in Lahore, she was 16 year old and was beaten by a women that much harshly she died just because she ate a bite from the owners daughter’s plate, that much anger shows how much educated and ethical they are, is exhibiting anger right? Does anger means to snatch a life from an innocent? What kind of superiority complex is this, do they think superior? On which thing a person feels himself superior over others, everyone has been made by God, then why do we snatch rights of others.

Many of these cases have been happened in Pakistan, we should take some steps for saving lives of indigents, no one has the right to brutally downtrodden them, or to snatch lives of them, they are humans they have feelings too, they have desires too in their sparkling eyes. What they don’t have is opulence so no one has been given the right to make fun of people and amuse themselves for their so called satisfaction. Servants should he given proper rights, are the human rights laws only for the wealthy people, aren’t their workers humans? Why don’t people consider a human as a human, humans are the best of all creatures but we segregate them because of socio economic status, cast, color and creed.

There should be a law where people below 60 years of age should work by themselves because when those people who have disabilities work on their own they utilize themselves then why not others , when God has given you every body part uninjured, unbroken, safe and sound then why not people work by themselves, it’s the necessity of the time to make people live a simple life, that arrogance is of only wealth it’s so easy to say clean that place three times a day but when you will work by yourself you will get to know how a person becomes tired and how that cleaning up places more than one time feels, and that’s how people would develop a sense of responsibility to not rely on others , if God has given you wealth that doesn’t mean you to be arrogant or to feel someone extraordinary it’s a blessing your money won’t be less if you spend your money in helping others and bear their expenses of education and health care etc.

When we have children at home they are also the children, wives of someone or brother, son, husband of someone the food you are providing to them is not given by you that is given by God that grain which has been allotted by God which has been stamped by God that person will receive that what so ever the circumstances are.

Wealth makes a person blind not everyone off course there are some good people on earth that’s why the whole system is going on. The price of labor is low in Pakistan that’s why everyone wants to have different servants for different chores, In fact in other countries people perform their daily chores by themselves and manage their life. We should start the change from ourselves, doing chores on your own is a kind of exercise because that will help you to move your muscles, just sitting and doing nothing will make you a hollow person, you won’t be able to do anything when its needed, so working by our self is necessary not for the society and others but for ourselves also.

Child labor should be strictly banned in the age of gaining knowledge children are doing chores of someone else’s house because of just earning to bear their expenses of daily living, what if we remunerate their fees of schools, because there is no law if parents are working as a servant their kids will also work at the same place as a servant, they are also humans not slaves, they have rights too no one has the right to violate their rights.

If someone is keeping maid so they should treat them like their own daughter and son because they have hearts too, they also want those clothes which you wear, they also want the food which you eat, don’t segregate people on the basis of their socio economic status because if you own luxuries it’s a blessing of God, and if they are born poor that could have happened to you because we don’t have choice to be born at which house a rich one or a poor one, we are humans if we won’t care about people, if we won’t consider their rights a time will come when no one will consider you weather you are existing or not, because that wealth is an ordeal and blessing if it’s in your hand today it will go to someone else hand next day so don’t be proud of what you have, do good deeds because that will help us in this momentary world and life after death.

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  1. KHAN 007 says

    what a caring lecture for those who born human but turn into beasts….lol…..anyway good work at least raising your voice against brutality….. If one or two brutal become an example by the same brutality you know what will happen no body even think of such brutality but our institutions not ours might be Indian or Israeli that is why we are keep facing this brutality and this would not stop until and unless Justice system prevails in our business oriented policing and judicial system.

  2. mateen says

    How an underdog dared to place her fingers in plate?
    To understand this phenomenon, we would have to detach ourselves from Muslim nationhood, and concentrate on the values of region we are sons off, and shrug this stupid belief that any so-called leader gave us right to live here. We inherited this land from our ancestors who lived here since time immemorial, along with their values. They believed in pariah culture, wherein certain classes should not dare to tough utensils because their hands cause contamination, They were not allowed to enter in Drawing rooms and kitchens. These values have more to do with our land then Hinduism.

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