Improvement in Food Processing – An Untapped Opportunity for Pakistan

The world has progressed so much in the area of agriculture and food processing but unfortunately, Pakistan is still behind many other nations in these fields. It is commonly observed that the fruits and vegetables are kept on the footpaths in Sunday bazaars. Such practices expose the food to germs. The time has come that we should start focusing on making rapid development in this field on an urgent basis. If we start packing our food carefully, people would build confidence that what they are consuming is safe to eat.

To achieve the objective of improving the food processing, all the relevant agencies should focus to work with the government. Globally, the scientists have made so much progress in seed science, agriculture, and packaging that it has changed the entire process of farming.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) has improved the way of food processing. Many developed countries have adopted the fruit picking robots that have reduced the time required to pluck the fruits. Some scientists are even experimenting to grow plants below the ground. Recently, the researchers introduced a new gene-editing technology, which lets the experts edit the traits of any crop. Aside from this, the experts are now using LED technology to grow completely pesticide-free crops.

China is using electromagnetic technology to produce the fruits at a fast rate. Pakistan has great potential in the field of agriculture. Everything is available to us. All we need to do is to focus on making some efforts to improve the food processing.

Many governments in the past promised about making improvements in this sector, but unfortunately, such commitments always ended up in the paperwork and nothing became a reality. The authorities need to do some practical work to prove that they are really committed to improving agriculture and the process of food packaging because Pakistan’s manpower is connected to this field.

Also, it is not easy to cultivate plants on a commercial level. It is a lengthy process of softening the soil and then providing the water to crops at required intervals. The water is available in some areas but the farmers are not given the modern facilities to utilize this water carefully. That is why, most of the water is wasted, and we don’t see any progress. If the government provides some opportunities in agriculture, even women can contribute positively to this sector and Pakistan can easily avoid going to other countries for financial assistance. We should focus on solving the issues of the people working in agriculture and providing the latest technologies to them. The experts should advise the farmers on how to grow crops in an internationally accepted way.

Furthermore, there should be a strong policy to improve the process of food packaging and the experts should themselves visit the lands and take part in the research activities to make improvements in this area. In the remote areas, if the officials become active and get out of their comfort zones, they can improve the conditions of our lands. In Pakistan, there is a land mafia that threatens the farmers and takes ownership of their lands. That is why many farmers have stopped working and changed their profession. As a result, our fields are being destroyed. To resolve the concerns of farmers, the authorities need to address them directly.

There are a number of possibilities in front of our eyes. In the past, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) launched the campaigns like Clean and Green Pakistan. Moreover, Prime Minister Imran Khan is personally taking interest in improving the climate of the country. Now, let’s see how PTI will improve food processing in Pakistan.

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