5th Generation Warfare – The War of Hearts and Minds

If we see towards the history, the human being has always followed the different ideologies. The two main ideologies were always the part of human history. The first is to follow any religion and faith and the second is that human being has no need to follow any religion or faith and everything was created through some reactions, like the big bang theory and Darwinism. These two different ideologies have many branches the first ideology has some religions and faiths and second has some ideologies of human freedom, like atheism and secularism. Both the ideologies have always been contradictory for each other. Both tried to convince each other through different ways, sometimes peacefully and sometimes forcefully.

Both school of thoughts with different branches have always challenged each other through some facts and logics. Religious ideologies followed some instructions, some holy and some were created by human beings. While, non-believers used logics and reasons to challenge the ideologies of believers.

The both ideologies created different racial approaches, tribes, ethnic separations, divided into cultures, traditions, civilizations, and territories. Then, human history seen different war on different issues like to impose the ideologies, to get control over land and resources, and to expend the territory to become big power through getting big human force and natural resources.

The human history has witnessed a great number of wars, and some of them have been categorized in modern history. Historians categorized the different wars into four groups which are called generation warfare.

In first generation warfare, modern human history have seen different war like The English Civil War which took place in 1642 and ended in 1651, The Anglo-Spanish War between 1654 to 1660, The Seven Years’ War between Europe, America, West Africa and India, it took place in 1756 to 1763. Then, American Revolutionary War which took place in 1775 to 1783, it is also called as American war of independence. Then, human modern history seen Napoleonic Wars, it was a series of different wars which took place in 1803 to 1815 and fought between France and Europe.

Then, human modern history seen the War of 1812, in which United States, United Kingdom and their allies fought for three years. Then, history witnessed the Mexican War of independence which was fought in 1821.

Human modern history categorized some wars as second generation warfare. Like the American Civil War which took place in 1861 to 1865.Then, the Second Boer War which took place in 1899 to 1902 and it was fought between the British Empire and two Boer States. Then, the First World War which took place in 1914 to 1918, total 32 countries were involved in WWI. Then, the modern human history seen the Spanish Civil War which took place in 1936 to 1939 and then the Iraq – Iran War which started in 1980 and ended in 1988 and according to an estimate total 500,000 soldiers of Iran and Iraq lost their lives in war.

Then, according to the third generation warfare, the human history witnessed the World War Two which had been fought in 1939 to 1945, the war was between two groups of different countries including all major powers. WW2 took place to impose the different ideologies on other countries. Then, the Korean War which took place in 1950, then, the Vietnam War in 1955 which ended in 1975. Then, in recent past The Persian Gulf War which took place in 1990 and ended in 1991. Afghan War is also part of third generation wars, it took place in 1978 when Russian invaded Afghanistan and left in 1989, and then civil war started in Afghanistan which continued till 1992 and then it was converted into US War on Terror in 2001 after 9/11 attacks proclaimed by Al-Qaeda and is still continue. We also seen the Iraq war in 2003 when USA attacked Iraq on the allegation of having alleged WMD, later the war converted into civil war and still continue.

The fourth generation of wars linked with some wars of third generation which were converted into “terrorism” and created complex about the realities. Different wars took place in different countries and the world was divided into two group one called “terrorism” and the other is anti-terrorism. We have seen different wars in different countries including Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, Iraq, Philippine, Nigeria and some other countries. Pakistan had also become the part of fourth generation wars when it supported USA in war on terror.

The fourth generation wars were different in previous wars, in which enemies’ core ideals have been targeted, use of media, political pressure, economic sanctions and threats, social and military pressure have also been used against enemies. The use of gruella tactics at small level but in very technical and sophisticated way was the main weapon.

Now, the fifth generation war is the war of heart and minds. No direct war but war through technologies, use of all kinds of media and internet to get control over the heart and minds of the enemy. Patriotism/religionist and freedom of speech are two big tools of fifth generation wars, access over the issues through internet and pressurize the states on different issues, generate debts on different sensitive issues including religion. Convert your enemy’s mind towards a specific agenda. Create fear among people about big threats from their own citizens and states. Destroy your enemy through economy, disseminate the rumors and fake news about different sensitive issues. Give access to the people on everything though use of different laws.

The fifth generation warfare is the biggest threat to any nation because when your enemy has controlled over your heart and mind then the war will never end. We can see that WWI killed 1.8 million Russian soldiers, affected UK and France very badly. The WW2 destroyed the whole Europe and Japan which faced two nuclear attacks, but all countries emerged again because their enemies couldn’t control over heart and minds of their nations, but once your enemy will get control over your heart and mind then you will never be able to emerge again.

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