Choose Battles That Are Worth Fighting For

Recently some thoughts drift into my mind about my days in university. I recall that day when the very first time I’d seen American flag painted on the floor. This immediately conjures up the image of voodoo dolls in my mind. I can’t help but see similarities with the act of casting a spell, voodoo priest or priestess inflict pins in the body of the dolls so as to inflict the pins on the person’s body. I still wonder if trampling on it will make us able to crush them all, or just an attitude of self-deception.

10AM: Back from a day-off, I was keeping my nose to the grindstone, when my friend walked in. Couldn’t you at least pretend to laugh? , she said while looking at me with my mouth wide opened. I was totally caught unaware when a news flashed on screen.

I burst out laughing and said “Last night, I was watching a comedy show. It was funny as hell and I think it’s still ringing in my head”

“No, since there’s some time for that show coming back on screen, some people are just trying to fill the gap. But unfortunately this time it is not by a standup comedian but by a renowned scientist and educationist”

“Have they gone mad? What on earth they might be thinking while rebranding Valentine’s Day as “Sister’s Day”!!

“Yes, and they are also seeking donations to give headscarves to its 1,000 to 14,000 female students so Men can better respect women.”

2PM: Taking a break for lunch that afternoon we gathered on lunch table. Our morning conversation still whirling in my head, after finally finding some people to hear my rants, I paused a mid-bite to announce the end of the misery of those who have been single spectators. Better late than never, finally we have begun to crack some tough nuts. An armchair critic sitting right behind us, jumped in “Err… Western culture is taking its root in our society, and this move is just to head it off at the pass” Thank God, she didn’t put us off much and stopped there.

This mindset have long been created that we, and our religion, our culture have always been bedeviled by enemies. But how an enemy outside can do us harm, if there is an enemy within.

In order to get shielded myself against all the probable anti-Islamic, having colonized mentality or pseudo liberal slurs, I confess that I am a Proud Muslim, better to call blessed Muslim because It wasn’t me who has chosen this faith, My Allah has chosen me to be among this Ummah. And I love my religion, my country, my culture, and my people. Being the one among you I also have the right to bring up the strange things I see around me. I wonder why we are hammering away at something that is not even relevant anymore. Why marking days are more important than hacking away at some real issues?

It is not a matter of contention to celebrate or not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here surfaces the question about the priorities of our educational institutions in the midst of mammoth problems —– one among which is this mindset of attributing all our ills to west. We have to be honest about what is going on to be able to discuss and address it and to bring forth some legitimate ideas.

If you choose to associate with a group identity, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing only if you are having a healthy connection to an element of Identity. It may bring growth. While having an unhealthy attachment is counterproductive resulting in black and white kind of thinking which refers to the conscious or unconscious assumption that a certain identified group poses a threat to our group, on the basis of which group resists in its many form which only make them feel satisfied in an unwinnable situation. Their actions doesn’t make a significant difference in dismantling the other group. They start to get blinded by the rhetoric of Us v/s Them
mentality. Too much truth is lost due to this too much hate & they begin to act as If it is only the other group in the wrong. They are the ones worthy of our ridicule, anger and mistrust. These social biases are rooted somewhere in our past but this tend to be destructive in today’s world. And when they let this blame, hate & fear spiral out of control people begin to do terrible things.

We are not always being oppressed by enemies lurking behind every bush. This narrative is so persistently drilled into our memory and we should stop thinking that way. Thinking for ourselves puts the power back on our side. Confront your problems with fine awareness, moral sensitivity and rich responsibility. It is OK if for any reason you choose not to celebrate any particular day but don’t make an issue too important for your narrow point scoring. Get your priorities right and save your strength for things that actually matters.

5PM: After putting in a full-day’s work, me and my sister ended up sprawled in front of TV. A minute later, getting my brain in gear, I dared to utter a word “I will also bring you a red abaya” eeks… Why red?

“Because it is the color of the day”

In extreme annoyance she said “I know you have a license to be horrible with me 365 days a year, at least it shouldn’t be applicable on this day. Khair… If you really want to bring me something I won’t mind if you’ll bring me an IPhone X”

I picked up the TV remote and turned the volume too high to put a stop to her voice.

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  1. Tofan Khan says

    choosing battles that are worth fighting for…….hmmm…….What is worth fighting may vary person to person….for example your mind ended up on a red scarf……..and I believe by writing this article or blog you also wasted your energy and might be hundreds of readers as well. It is better to focus on yourself rather than what others believe and think and do. Thanks

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