Lives Gone… Whom to Question?

The recent incident happened in Sahiwal in which parents were killed in front of their children. Their whole family gets ruined, the tragedy and trauma happened to those children can never be forgettable, the trauma they are facing can never be explained in words, their wounds can never be healed. Viewing parents death in front of children is highly condemned, because their last moments their last writhing in front of their kids, they won’t be able to remove the incident from their sparkling eyes.

It’s not the legitimate way to kill people on the spot on the name of terrorist, they should first do proper investigation on each and every sphere and then take actions, it’s not the way to take lives of innocent people, if police officers has all their rights then why not a common citizen, why they don’t have freedom to live? Their just one act devastated many lives. How just one act creates destruction among many people many lives.

If all we give them love and fulfill each and every desire of those children in their whole life that won’t compensate their loss because their parents can never come back, the love, affection and admiration they got from them the time they spend with their parents they can never forget that.

Those people who killed don’t have hearts? Don’t have feelings? Where has the humanity gone? Why people become homicide? That’s not a way of killing people, how can someone brutally kill others.

We don’t value people, people forget about the significance of humans, God has created every human unique and human beings are the best creature of all creations, we have given intelligence to use not to just cogitate about the materialistic things and momentarily world, what will we show when we will be asked on the day of resurrection that where did you spent your whole life?

Lives are becoming so despicable, where has the humanity gone? Why we don’t consider a human as a precious gem why we don’t value them. Every human in this world is valuable.

What was the transgression of those innocent people who got killed, the innocent children their sparkling eyes are now depicting the helplessness, their wounds cannot be healed if everyone of us try to assist them but that would not be enough because any assistance is very trivial for them, their whole family vanished in front of them, they won’t be able to forget that moment in their life. No one of us can feel their suffering because none can replace the existence of a human.

What those children will say they have seen a huge loss which can never be compensated, their suffering their psychological emotional suffering cannot be felt by any of us. These innocent people have a lot of questions in their eyes, this incident develops fear and anxiety among the children who suffered, because parents are a great asset of our lives and a great blessing of God, but losing them means losing your own self.

Every person has a right to live, they have freedom, even for criminals there is a proper way to first arrest them investigate them and then punish , but that brutality of killing people with many bullets is heart breaking, the innocent kids there is no fault of them they lost their parents , that one incident won’t let off them.

These innocent kids melts the hearts of the nation, every wound may get healed but loosing parents won’t be healed up over life. There each and every moment spent with their parents their memories their affection can never be forgettable.

If we give them all the happiness of the world that is still of no worth because none can replace the sincere unconditional love of parents those sacrifices which parents do for their children no one else can do that ,true love which a child receives from their biological parents no one else can give that.

We should give respect to every human, every life, because what we have today may not be with us in the other second, try to spread humanity because that will serve our selves in this world and after death. If we just only realize that we are a traveler in this momentary world we can become a wiser and a humanitarian person , because we are not born to enjoy the luxuries we are abound we are here to serve people to help people.

We should give life to people by love not to snatch their lives. Reprehends should be arrested first and they should be given an exemplarily punishment so that no one in the future would be able to commit that sort of act. Every one’s life is important, life is so precious it won’t come back, value your life and others.

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  1. Khan says

    Ask yourself Mr. because everyday how many around you getting favor which they were not entitled to. The basic unit of our society destroyed gradually ethically so result in frontof us. Wait patiently for ours turn and keep weighing yourself on the right way because its our duty not the president of America.

  2. Taimur says

    on live tv stone these people to took their parents life, make them a example

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