Transformation of News and Media Industry

When I started studying media in 2010 the first lesson that had been communicated to me was about “News”, i learned about the importance, values and magnitude of news stories in our first semester. Different News stories and their drafting made me excited and pushed me more inside. There is a formula which has been used for drafting proper and meaningful news and that is called “5-Ws and 1-H formula” which make a complete news story for the readers and viewers of print and electronic media. During the study over News methods, it was also said to me that above news formula was based on the basic norms for news editing and without following 5-Ws and 1-H no news would be complete. There, I learned many things related to news and editing like role of editors, selection of news stories, role of gatekeepers, news effects, news formats, news models, news gathering techniques, importance of sources, different laws about news, privacy, ethics and so many other things.

Then, I learned another thing about news that “if a dog bites a man that is not a news but if a man bites a dog that would be a news” – When i read about the history of news I found that on 18 April 1930 the BBC’s news announcer communicated that “There is no news today”, I knew that news means something new and something for information of the readers, listeners and viewers. Today, we know that the media trends has changed, things are now based and linked with financial interests, commercial market has grown up and reached at very large level. Foreign channels have landing rights and securing huge revenue from Pakistan. Advertising industry has grown up to billions of rupees. Public sector has become a major stakeholder in advertising industry, though commercial sector spending four times more than public sector but spending of Public sector in last few years was exceptional. Previous government advertised and used promotional methods at large level and invested billions of rupees hence we seen many new entries of new channels, newspapers and digital platforms.

If we review something as I discussed earlier we can clearly see the news transformation due to the financial interests of the media industry. like if a dog bites a man that was not a news but news transformation reformed the news values and its magnitude and explained us that if a dog bites a famous personality like any politician, actor, sportsman, etc. that is also a news though he is also a man but makes the news for today’s media and same like as BBC’s announcer communicated that “There is no news today” news transformation reformed the news and added creative elements for attraction of readers, listener and viewers. Media told us that it was news if there was no news – so we can say that the media industry transformed the news from its real sense to the self-created sense.

Now, new trends of news media industry have become big challenge for government and media industry itself. Fake news demoralized the credibility of main frame media which had very strong power since its inception. Media facing serious challenges, including strong monitoring by the regulatory authorities, criticism by the judiciary and political parties, financial crisis due exceptional growth and unplanned funding by the previous governments. While, now that huge spending of the public sector has stopped or decreased up to very low level. I read the history of mass media almost 9 years ago in my university when I say a chart about history and growth of mass media which was started in 1927 when Television was invented.

Today, I can see the downfall of main frame media along with other challenges because social media has replaced the importance of 92 years old technology. It took just 17 to 18 years from its growth to downfall in Pakistan and if media will not get its previous position and will not follow the basic norms and ethics coming years will become dangerous for this big industry.

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