RIC, Chakwal Administration’s Rowdiness and Echoes of Ayaz Amir: All Eyes on Hon’ble CJP

In his recent article titled “Kamzur Hukumat Aur Belagam Police”—Weak government and unbridled police— published in Roznama Dunya, Mr. Ayaz Amir, an eminent analyst, narrates the story of a destitute widow and her son-in-law who are being hounded by a callous DSP, posted in Chakwal, at the behest of a renter who occupied her shops, located at Jehlum road, in a roughshod manner. Besides brazen occupation, the apathetic renter in connivance with police nominated the poor lady and her son-in-law in the false, frivolous and fabricated FIR lodged under the offence of theft. The Chief Minister Usman Buzdar was duly informed about the high-handedness of police who, being Chief Executive of the largest province, took notice of the unfortunate occurrence but no avail in the face of the sheer rowdiness brandishing by Chakwal police. While the entire government including the CM when failed to help her out to weather the storm, the down-and-out lady finally heaved a sigh of relief thanks to the active intervention of the former Chief Justice Mr. Justice Saqib Nisar in the SC Lahore registry.

Mr. Ayaz bewails over the ineptness of the new PTI government which despite its goodwill is failed to deliver. The greatest impediment is bureaucracy which qua juggernaut leave no stone unturned to mutate the Khan’s government into all but out-and-out failure. Illustrations are obvious. For instance, PM Khan recently sacked the SSGC and SNGPL MDs over the escalated gas crisis. Reportedly PM Khan was briefed by intelligence reports about the fictitious electricity and gas crises to allegedly fail the PTI government. Same is the case with Finance Minister Asad Omar who vexed by bureaucrats’ lack of preparation over repeated preparation of half-baked ideas before the ECC.

Similarly if we talk about Punjab Health Ministry, the young doctor trainees who opted for the sub-specialty of cardiology and henceforth inducted at the RIC by Specialized Healthcare Commission and Medical Education(SHC&ME) were and still at the capricious whims of Executive Director RIC namely Maj. Gen. (r) Azhar Mehmood Kyani who refused them joining in the Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology (RIC) on the pretext of non-clearance of IMM exam after 2-year medical training; notwithstanding the aforementioned exam is not mandatory for training in sub-specialty. When Dr. Jasmeen Rashid personally asks SHC &ME to issue directives for helpless young doctor trainees to get them inducted into RIC, the above-mentioned retired General tattered the directives into air by simply saying that, “He and his RIC is beyond the jurisdiction of Punjab government.” And poor health minister can do nothing for young trainees who are ironically having their careers on verge of spoil. It’s here pertinent to mention that in capacity of a cardiologist, Mr. Azhar is an oracle and like AFIC he established RIC to its pinnacle.   But pity upon those unfortunate young trainees who under the aegis of such a recalcitrant RIC head have found their career-ship rudderless for their complaints registered on Pakistan Citizen Portal are still unheard in presence of such an obsessive-compulsive character.

Now apart from the unbridled police of Chakwal, which have holistically been picturized by Mr. Ayaz in his op-ed, the latest case is about Chakwal’s Civil Administration going incessantly hostile against another distressed namely Shaukat Ali in terms of sealing his Al Mumtaz Market located at Street Lady Shehnaz Janjua/Link Hospital Road City Chakwal. The backdrop is Suit for Declaration titled Shaukat Ali Vs Province of the Punjab through District Collector Chakwal and others, pending adjudication before the Learned Civil Judge Chakwal, in which Petitioner Shaukat Ali’s application was accepted and upheld by hon’ble ADJ Chakwal by dismissing the appeal of Deputy Commissioner Chakwal. That ever since the dismissal of the said appeal, the attitude of the Deputy Commissioner Chakwal, Mr. Abdul Sattar Esani, and Assistant Commissioner Chakwal, Mr. Muzaffar Mukhtar, has gone pugnacious towards the Petitioner Shaukat Ali/Suit Property, necessitating the Petitioner therein to file a contempt of court application against AC, earlier. Though Contempt of court applications are considered effective deterrent to potential contemnors yet not so in the present suit and DC, being District Head of the Administration, is exercising his undue influence on departments subordinate to him to behave like those unscrupulous litigants who are born to frustrate and oppress a party with a good case in his effort to attain justice under the rule of law. The story doesn’t end here. What happened on 15-12-2018 was none but an outright exhibition of the highhandedness by district administration through Tehsildar who along with 8 constables of local Police entered the market, and forced all the shops to close down by dragging out all the shopkeepers and customers therein and few men put a seal on the main entrance leading up to all 11 shops. On questioning, the police told the shopkeepers that AC Sahib has ordered them to seal the market. Thereafter for next two days the petitioner along with the Shopkeepers of the said market kept on chasing the AC, who like an elusive lion was never in the jungle. On 17-12-2018, the petitioner moved an application before the DC requesting therein to de-seal the market. The DC, with look-busy-do-nothing countenance, just marked the application to his sub-ordinates. On next day, the petitioner astonishingly received a notice from AC regarding the sealing. Then on getting the said notice, the Petitioner filed an application to de-seal the market, upon which learned Civil Judge validated the stance of Shaukat Ali petitioner vis-à-vis district administration Chakwal in these words: “Said conduct of AC amounts to mockery of Court proceedings. If somebody is prohibited from doing something then he may not be permitted to do this under the pretense of doing something while acting within lawful jurisdiction and this prohibition is implied result of maxim, “what cannot be done directly, cannot be done indirectly….in these circumstances, while accepting the petitioner’s application, time of 24 hours is granted to both DC and AC to de-seal the disputed property…”

Notwithstanding that it’s quite a month ago coupled with this latest order of the court to de-seal the market, there’s not even a single iota of shame for those who are known to be the so-called baboos of Chakwal. The contempt of court is still to be continued on their part. To earn bread and butter for eleven shopkeepers including Shaukat Ali petitioner is a long row to hoe for, like shops, their fate has also been sealed on account of brazen effrontery of district administration. Like helpless trainee doctors who are being on the whims of waggish Executive Director RIC, eleven shopkeepers and Shaukat Ali are also having all eyes on the messianic intervention of the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP). But this time by newly incumbent hon’ble CJ Asif Saeed Khosa if he upholds the tide of his predecessor’s judicial activism for the welfare of masses.

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