The Game of Life: Your Time Starts Now!

“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.” said Helen Keller, a blind who taught the world how to see.

Life is, for most people, a chessboard. A board where they are free to feed their imagination and think whatever they perceive their values are. Many consider themselves a pawn, while some knight, bishop or even a queen. They create their limits and that becomes, for them, a purpose of their life. A pawn member of the society thinks he will be sacrificed, no matter what, in order for the game to proceed. A knight may survive half of the game, while the queen will consider her the right wing of the king – the, or instance, national identity everyone fights for.

But all of that is, in reality, connected with a core, without which, it is all empty. All of the pieces, or members of a society, are fighting for one thing the king merely represents: their color, an identity, or perhaps something much less tangible.

The opponent, for instance, possesses all the same pieces, can implement the same strategies and have, in other words, equal power as the one on the opposite side of the board. Then what makes their fight worth fighting if they are equal in every manner of this game. Is it for the thinking, a strategy so to say, or is it in fact something much less tangible, something even those who protect it do not often realize, or want to realize as it is, even for them, hard to find.

This deepness takes us all the way down to the roots of the tree of life and forces us to find why the first person on the earth fought the second. Was it for an idea coming from the same mind as the other he had contradicted, or for the blind beliefs that benefits none of them? Or was it merely a knight, killing another knight on the basis of being different, yet still the quite same just not realizing it?

Nothing in this world is free, except for my free will to think that way. The universe, and so the life in it is a perfect balance in every manner. That makes nature not a product of God, but in fact, nature becomes the God. We may not be in a simulation that many speculate today, but perhaps this land is, in actual fact, a testing ground for our imagination, or for that matter, my free will to proceed. I think, I implement, and I feel that I have changed the nature. But the reality, if it exists, forces me to think again and see that nature, the supreme balance, is doing the same job well for billions of years. It has been evolving and developing itself, and now I am its product, just like the tress before. Perhaps this life is an aspect of the actual life that really balances it and that too. Perhaps it is the yin, and yang that has to come. That’s where time ends, and so it also begins.

As suffering from a long-continued struggle against nature, our minds are now addicted to it in order to achieve the eternal peace. We fight, to form peace, even if it already exists. We seek, and do not find peace, since it is not meant to be sought but to be found within. As there is no light without darkness, our peace can only be formed, near us, when we burn the streets. We pay an imaginary price for our peace, as had it not been that way, we would have been in a heaven today. The suffering of this world balances the peace of that heaven, which may exist, or perhaps resides in our minds – that is where your time ends, realizing it, and the actual life beings, cherishing it.

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  1. Neha choudhary says

    Wah! U realize it soon ,there are many people who are still suffering from it but not able to find it ,even some of them are fully aware of it but still looking for external peace instead of internal peace. People often think that if they achieve something in their life ,then they will we happy but still after achieving it ,they realize that there is no peace in it either.i think they are efforting their efforts in wrong direction .

  2. Maleeha Hashmey says

    Felt peaceful reading these words!

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