Harms Inflicted by Drug Abuse and Addiction

Drug abuse-one of the very serious problems of today’s society which has made life of many people miserable. Illegal use of drugs which is against mental and physical health is drug abuse and the incapability of halting its use is addiction. The affliction of drug abuse is nearly affecting every society and people of every age are suffering because of it directly or indirectly. It is posing serious emotional, financial, social problems, and if not taken into consideration will continue piling up the harms of drug abuse.

It is not that people put themselves on drugs willingly. The major reason is escape, escape from depression or to mask a pain. When they are unable to fight from their thoughts and the pain or suffering starts canopying their mind, when the fear becomes anxiety and the survival becomes difficult, then the person starts seeking temporary escape in the form of drugs. They know they are going to suffer a lot in future but to avoid that temporary pain they prefer to welcome a lasting suffering. Moral failure is not the cause of it nor is the lack of will power, the only reason is escape from thoughts. The depression becomes so tough to withstand that they succumb their selves to permanent suffering, in the form of drugs.

The person who is in a habit of using drugs is not only causing problems for family but also for the society. He totally cuts himself off from social gatherings and if he somehow persuaded to join any gathering he loses his self-control because he can’t stand crowd around him. Loss of self-control is another very important factor because of which people start avoiding that person and he keeps on sinking in that morass. His relations start suffering because he stop trusting anyone and prefers to live alone. Drugs damage a specific area of brain which produces sensations of pleasure, and the result is unusual mood swings. Use of drugs for the first time is a conscious act but when gotten used to of it, it becomes a brain disease turning into addiction.

Some types of drugs commonly used by drug addicts include heroin, inhalants, marijuana, cocaine, club drugs etc. Biological effects of drugs are even more damaging. Continuous usage of drugs eventually weakens the immune system, increasing the risk of infection. Chances of Cardiovascular problems in illegal drug users are number of times more as compared to the one who lives a healthy life. The liver of person suffers so badly that it ultimately results into a permanent failure of liver. Along with other mental illnesses the retention of information also becomes difficult. Excessive use of illegal drugs weakens the memory of a person.

The person who is addicted to drugs, because of no control over his senses, turns into a harm for society. He becomes violent off and on and because of his attitude people around him start suffering. His mood swings gradually turn into permanent stress and he start beating people around him when he finds no other way to vent it. Drugged driving result into accidents and number of people die every day because of it. When the demand of drug increases with time the person start committing crimes to cope up the expenses and if not able to find the drug at time he turn violent. Number of innocents become victim of this aggression, which is resulting in the increase in cases of rapes, child abuse, domestic violence etc.

It demands serious effort and patience to deal with a person who is using illegal drugs and whose brain has lost control over his senses. If anyone in your family is suffering from drug abuse then the most difficult task is to win their trust, and for achieving this they must be treated kindly. Try to win their trust because it is necessary to stop the feeling of loneliness prevailing in their minds. It is necessary that their feelings of discomfort in the gatherings must be removed before giving them any suggestion regarding treatment or persuading them to see a physician. Winning their trust is necessary, without that they won’t consider any suggestion of going to therapist or rehabilitation center which is necessary because such cases can’t be cured at home. The biological and psychological changes inflicted by drugs need a proper treatment and psychologist sessions to get over the disease. Still it would take a long time to bring them back on the track of normal life. Many people who were on drugs for a long time, and their bodies have gotten used to of drugs take years to recover. But proper treatment along with care, compassion and love can remove the affliction from the society and can make the life of your loved one normal again.

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