Mr. Imran Khan’s ECL Is Not Really A Solution

According to a famous Greek philosopher, corruption plays an important role in making the institutions self-dependent as well as in strengthening the system. At first, this logic seemed quite weird.

However, before unfolding this philosophical thought on corruption, I would like to make the reference to an advertisement.

A few days ago, the owner of a retail clothing brand in Europe published to state that whoever  steals some garments from their store, and, subsequently, share their plot along with a video of the actual act of this activity would receive a handsome amount as prize-money.

When the owner was asked concerning this strange activity, she told that, each year during the Christmas season, some of their stock goes missing due to incidents of theft. And, to prevent this, they had been working on strengthening their internal controls. However, something is still lacking, and the thieves always get a way to steal. So, she wants to do further improve her internal controls.

She further explained that when a thief will steal and then share his plot with them, they would know where exactly the loopholes lie in their system, and this would enable them to work on the weakness to reduce the risk of such cases of theft.

Upon hearing this, the point of the philosopher made some sense. According to him, in any state or institution, some brilliant individuals earnestly collaborate to design a strong anti-corruption or anti-fraud system. However, then, even more brilliant individuals work out ways to counter the anti-corruption controls; and thus, accomplish their aims of corruption. Following this, the people working for the system review their shortcomings, and further strengthen the system to guard against corruption. This series of making and countering the controls continues till a point comes when the system gets so strong that it becomes nearly impossible to carry out corruption or fraud.

Now, it is quite saddening that even though Pakistan does have some brilliant individuals but instead of working towards strengthening the system, they are more “skilled” in carrying out fraud. Hence, for the eradication of corruption from Pakistan, brilliant and competent people who can really play their role in strengthening the system must be placed at executive posts in the institutions.

Now, let’s talk about the government whose decision of entering the names of net 172 people in ECL is a decision that has gained popularity on the national level; nevertheless, it is not a wise decision.

By entering the names of the corruption mafia in ECL, neither corruption will be eradicated nor will the national wealth that has been subjected to corruption get restored. In order to eradicate corruption, the institutions must be strengthened. And, the institutions can only be strengthened when their heads are competent, honest, and unbiased.

This step of establishing ECL can temporarily serve as a symbol of threat against corruption however it will not bear long-term results. And, in such an outdated system where the Chief Justice of Pakistan failed to prove alcohol as alcohol, it is nearly impossible to prove the charges of corruption against the corrupt mafia.

Every time, rare miracles like the Panama Papers case will not happen; rather, there is a need for the government to strengthen its system.

The bureaucratic system needs to be revised. And, this anti-corruption measure won’t gain that much popularity among the civil servants; nevertheless, it will be a good step indeed. And, for its implication, the government may face a lot of challenges; however, Imran Khan does have the courage to do so.

Spotting white-collar crimes is beyond the capacity of our current bureaucracy in this rapidly-revolutionizing economic system of the world. Either field specialists should be recruited for this purpose, or the existing officers should be given special training in this regard.

Secondly, just the way we have security agencies who render their services in dealing with the internal and external threats, the government should also constitute a counter economy terrorism department whose function would be to spot the weakness of the system and also to expose the corrupt mafia.

Taking a decision of this sort won’t only bring popularity but will also prove to be a sound anti-corruption measure.

If Imran Khan doesn’t take this step then the game of corruption will carry on: the corrupt will continue to take advantage of the weakness in the system to do away with the national wealth while the security agencies will just continue to have their claim to fame by temporarily putting the corrupt under arrest. However, the criminals of corruption will easily escape the punishment and get freed by taking advantage of the weaknesses in our system while the public will just have unfilled dreams of the restoration of the lost reserves of national wealth.

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