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A friend recently suggested that I should start my own blog since writing was my escape room and I was in need of a lot of escaping lately. Looking at all the blogs and bloggers piling up on my instagram feed, it sounded like a good and tack able idea. So for the purpose, I decided to do some reading and research before jumping on this bandwagon. As I dig deeper into the blogging world, I started to see more than what was there on the surface.

Needless to say, there are some blogs discussing things of meaning and values, poetry, books, inspirations, ideas and career choices, society as it is and how it should be. That lot is indeed making someone’s life somewhere bearable, one blog at a time. However the major chunk of it is playing it on the surface, cashing on what appears on the level, and worse, promoting the notion that if you are pretty enough, have good photographers around, have enough money to keep your closet updated and filled to the brink with designer couture, you are good enough to make it in this world. Calling themselves influencers, hardly aware of the influence they are having on the society.

As I read content of the blogs beneath the pictures of bony figures, underneath layers and layers of MAC, endorsing latest winter ZARA collection, there was nothing but hollow words, bad and nearly nonexistent writing skills, lack of meaningful or structured content and a whole lot of advertisements. Nevertheless, a witty portal of making money. Giving out a clear and loud message that brains is not an essential.

None of this is essentially wrong in any way (I do appreciate sense of grooming and art of dressing well). But the problem is that this whole lot of blogging boasting, buds the notion that only if you look good, you are good and there is no other way around it.

It puts things as shallow as appearances on the highest pedestal, leaving the ones who are to follow in our footsteps feeling starved if they are not born with gold spoon in their mouths or if they fail to fit the society’s ideals of beauty.

Girls, already struggling with being bullied for things like being too fat, too thin, too nerdy, too dumb, too dark, too little or too much, find all the more reasons of being insecure here. We as society are telling them that this is all that matters and this is all which is expected of them. As if ‘Fair and Lovely’ adds showing women getting jobs and scoring guys because of their ‘light skin’ were not enough.

Even now, in 21st century, we don’t see many young girls aspiring to pursue unconventional and challenging fields. Mostly because they are told in one way or the other that all you need to be is pretty. What’s inside your head will not matter. It is not where your value lies. Your value lies in the perfect angle of your nose, plumpness of your lips, your hour glass figure, your ability to procreate and your ability to raise the products of that procreation and then bounce back to that hour-glass figure once all of this is done.

As Khaled Hosseini said and I quote: Beauty is an unmerited gift, given randomly, stupidly.

Even after becoming a doctor, I myself have been at the receiving end of unnecessary, unwanted and free of cost advice that I should choose ‘Easy’ specialty to pursue for all the same reasons. And every day, I see so much potential of the women population being thrown under this bus.

When, through such content, we give the young lot sense of individuality based on how they look, what would happen if they put on some weight, or get stretch marks and wrinkled foreheads? How will we recreate their sense of existence which we shattered with our own bare hands? And can you imagine an entire generation in existential crisis?

Regardless, I am not denying the effort and hard work which goes into the making of these blogs, no matter how superficial they are. What I am against is the message being sent out, probably not even consciously. Probably because we are people who would rather stare at a pretty face rather then read a sensible piece of writing. Probably because we, as society, have repeatedly failed to take responsibility of our words and our actions. Because everything is a joke to us, a source of entertainment. We have grown too cool for things like ‘thinking before speaking (or writing)’.

One of the biggest modern day dilemmas of our society is that people who should be reading, are the ones who are writing.

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