Artificial Intelligence and Future of Human Beings

Human beings, since time immemorial, are taking severe headache to discover the hidden treasures of the universe and to revamp their existing living styles for making it better and advance. When Homo sapiens, the wise men, first time came up around 70,000 years ago, they did change each and every facet of lives of their predecessors. They knew how to make tools for plucking food articles, for trapping animals and for cooking that food and meat. They were advanced in warfare as they knew various techniques to subdue their enemies and they began to conquer the world little by little.

By the time, that wise men started to make progress with more zeal and zest and then eventually about five hundred years ago industrial revolution took place and everything was changed. Societies were changed in simple to complex one and the big combined families were turned into small nuclear families. They started to accumulate wealth, food articles for their offspring’s and in this way capitalist societies emerged in this world.

At this moment, when human beings are at their zenith in technological advancements and people claim that they are most civilized people since this world came into existence. They are taking long strides and ostensibly seem in haste to reach at the peak of technological advancements. They have ventured to make human like robots through biotechnology and genetic engineering. They conceive that those robots will work for us and our productions will be enhanced manifolds. Some technologically advanced countries like China, Japan, and the US are competing each other in this race and wanted to lead the world with the help of machines.

A venerated Historian and Scientist, Prof Yuval Noah Harari, unveils some facts in his book – Homo Deus and warned the world of the consequences of the foreseeable future and said that humans are actually approaching towards their end in the name of technological advancements. Three threats that can alter the world, said Harari, are nuclear wars, global warming and technological advancements in the fields of biotechnology and genetic engineering. He said, we can avert the first two threats but the last one is certain to be happened.

The glimpse of that era may also be seen in Jack Maa’s – a Chinese business tycoon and CEO of AliBaba – interview at the platform of World Economic Forum in which he exclaimed that they are using four robots as a substitute of Forty Thousand people in their company and astoundingly their production increased two folds. Why? He went on and expounded that machines can work 24 hours in a day without any break and without feeling tiredness. Furthermore, machines can do work with more accuracy as we do install programs in those machines. He said, a human cannot beat a computer while calculating any mathematical quantity nor a human brain can do multiple works at the same time. In such outcomes, a businessman will definitely prefer machines over human beings.

So now if we look at the other side of the same picture, we will be able to look how humanity will be in her offing. The more a company shall rely on machines, the more human beings will lose their jobs. And yes definitely the already yawing gulf between the poor and the rich segments of the world will also be widened manifolds. Human beings can only save their future through something doing different from those of machines. They will have to alter their educational structure if they really want to save upcoming generations. They will have to include morality, painting, ethics, and about social norms in their current syllabus so that coming generations could be bestowed with something that machines are unable to possess.

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