Is Technology Really Replacing Our Emotions?

”Thank you snapchat! I know what my friend living in Canada is doing right now but I don’t know what the person sitting beside me is going through”

God gifted man with a curious nature. Enforced by his curious nature and being gifted with different capabilities made him think deeply on the abstruse phenomenon of nature, this deep thinking and by using the dexterity he has been gifted with the keep on making achievements and achieving milestones on the planet. The manifestation of this deep thinking, knowledge, capability and experimentation is Science. Scientific inventions with the passage of time keep on adding marvels in technology. Technology today is an inevitable part of our life without which we cannot imagine our lives. Technology no longer is an accessory it has become necessity.

Our communication skills and social skills are getting affected badly by excessive inclusion of technology in our lives. Online bill payment, online shopping has made life easy for us by gradually declining the physical exertion. Replacement of video games with outdoor games is also provoking feelings of idleness in our youth. Previously, people used to go to theatres with their friends and families. Nowadays, with the invention of television the need of enjoyment is fulfilled by sitting alone in your own bedrooms.

“According to studies 6% relations are suffering because of internet. People reported that their relationships suffered because of too much time spent on internet”

People dining together are even unaware of their partners. The decreased interaction within the family is creating communication gaps between members of a family. For instance the decreased interaction between parents and children is leading to failure of brought up and kids that are brought up in this kind of environment are mentally and emotionally unstable. “Children spend 50% time on social media and 30% with family” Research says that children who are not allowed to use social media excessively by their families tend to be more confident and acquire sound mind comparatively.

Loneliness is marked by a sense of isolation and it is a mental disease. The discrepancy between loneliness and solitude is that one is a mental disease and the other leads to self-awareness. Technology is also making us lonely day by day “According to CNN an average teen spends 9 hrs. on social media and literally checks his phone 100 times per day” These statistics are evident of the growing mental and psychological diseases such as depression. Today, even if people unite together to do fun and enjoy moments they are busy capturing them. Instead of living moments people focus more on clicking them.

“Organization Relations Australia says that the more you use social media the lonelier you feel”

Competition is good only when it is done for constructive purposes. Because of excessive use of social media people are becoming more conscious and competent day by day. The measure of self-worth and self-esteem these days is how many followers you have on your social media websites and the number of likes you get on your pictures.

Emotions are the gift which humans can use to solace others, to make them feel better. Now you don’t need a friend anymore whose shoulder you can use for mitigation purpose because of another marvel of technology which is called robot. Robots were created to assist humans in their daily life, to ease them in their daily routine, they can even sense the feelings of sadness and loneliness running through the mind. But how can a robot be replacement of a human?

Technology has made this world a global village, this fact is not deniable but at the same time it has done other things too, which no one is focusing on. Where technology has abridged the distance between California and Kolkatta, where pizza is at a distance of a mere click, where your countries are protected by atom bombs at the same time technology is ruining our mental peace by gifting us with psychological disorders like narcissism, expectation of gratification and depression.

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