‘D’ for Democracy and ‘D’ For Deliverance

Revolutions aren’t convenient, they are nourished by prejudice, tyranny, and disrespect of dissent views, class-based judicial or educational system and use of state institutions to malign public opinion. Whenever, the causes of revolution deepened divisions among different fraction of nation, causing chaos, dismay and debilitating the nation’s trust on the government and state institutions. In effect of all this, the lava of revolution erupted. The process of democracy is not about, to gain power or retain in power. Infact, it always follow the path of consolidation, respecting public opinion and most important policing the autonomous institutions in the broader interest of nation .The strength  of political parties lies how political parties and state institutions are performing in collaboration. It would appear to be the case, that improper implementation of party’s manifesto by PTI’s Government in first four months, don’t substantially reduce the mass support for Imran Khan. From Riyadh to Beijing, and with Islamabad, the conversation in the power circles is about finance, loans and economy.

There is a fact that some people are still performing above the rule of law and are emboldened by state’s institutions and political leaders. The confrontational way of politics is healthful only in pre-election campaigns, vying to other political parties. In contrarily, where the PTI’s minster should focus on policing their defined divisions, bring reforms, answering the queries, they are over-ornate in finding the weak points of opposition, calling them corrupt and hitting the roof over opposition leaders. To give predictions or become political palmist to decide the futures of opposition leaders isn’t the domain of federal minsters. They are becoming the anchors of creating confusions among state institutions and followers of opposition’s parties.

And, there is fact to come into power one needed special type of team, but deliverance demand another type of team. It is impossible to translate the IK’s agenda and to meet public expectations with the cabinet weaved from previous political parties or status quo. To deliver well, Imran Khan should acknowledge that, he has mass support, vision, and the political numbers. He should perform independently, following the path of negotiations and proper map of implementing his agenda without compromising nation’s first motion. To deliver well, five things are needed. First is right man for the right job, PTI should revisit the portfolios given to the different ministers and make them accountable over performance i.e. the leadership with a vision emphasis quality and secure environment for the good governance. The third is making institutions autonomous and atmosphere of accountability across the board. The fourth one is alignment with existing institutions and parties. The fifth one is federal minsters should be less spoken over political issues and oriented towards their contours. The provincial governments should build their capacities to perform well. With the mature and comprehensive approach the government will perform. And the credibility or trust of the public on governments can’t be built over time, it takes time. The protection of public opinion and deliverance is the only parameter which can build trust of nation on government which is a viable source.

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    Very well explained as far as the deliverance concerned. More power.

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