Is Killing Woman For Honour Justified?

Islam is the religion of peace, tolerance and justice. Pakistan is an Islamic republic yet it is unsafe and dangerous considering the women of this country because this population is more vulnerable to increasing crime rate such as honour killing.

Honour killing is basically murder of a female family member due to the false beliefs that the woman brought shame on family, usually the reasons in Pakistan are refusal of marriage, being in a relationship with another man or maybe the girl is a runaway bride. In the light of holy book Quran every person has the right to make their own decisions as everyone has their own freewill yet Pakistan that has more patriarchal concept women are suppressed and they face domestic violence. Social prestige and family respect are very necessary in our society and if female ever turns to bring shame that’s considered disgrace to the family and in order to defend that shame, the female that violated the norms is killed and the honour and prestige of the family is redeemed.

Social boundaries and different community cultures are based on honour. The behavior of the female is the prestige of the community. Women must be modest in the Pakistani society and if they commit certain acts that are considered immodest by the community, there the male family members of the victim will think of killing her will maintain their family’s honour. According to Islam it is unethical as Islam is the religion of Peace. After the independence of two countries Pakistan and India, the common factor between these two countries is honour killing.

In 1999, a woman named Samia Sarwar was killed in the name of honour because she wanted divorce from her first cousin and wanted to marry a man of her choice yet no one was arrested by the police. Umrani tribe in Balochistan killed their five women in the name of honour because they refused to get arranged marriage; the victims were three teen females and two middle-aged women. Syed Iqbal Haider who is a senior advocate in Supreme court and Co-Chair person in Human rights Commission Pakistan stated about honour killing, is wrong and government is acting slow to react and take action against the people but Senator Israr Ullah said this is the tradition from past and I will continue to defend them. In 2009, Tasleem Khatoon an eight months pregnant woman was killed because her father-in-law accused her that she conceived the wedlock baby. In the very same year her two brothers because of divorce and remarriage and also her career killed a Pashtun singer Ayman Udas.

In 2014 a women who was pregnant was stoned to death in front of Supreme Court, the reason was she married the man of her choice. Let’s not forget the famous social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch who was strangled by his own blood brother in Multan because she was posting controversial pictures and making videos on social media.

In 2016, a British woman Samia Shahid was also the victim of honour killing, when she was asked to come back to Pakistan because her father was ill but actually it was staged illness. When she came back to Pakistan she was raped and killed by her former husband in the name of honour. Her father was also involved in her killing but due to lack of evidence police set him free. Another mother who killed her daughter when she refused to marry the man of her family’s choice ended in burning her alive to death. In 2018, a brother killed a woman who was just 19 years old, because she was having an affair with one of their relatives.

Human rights activist wants to change the society to bring honour killing to an end. Some reporters work with the activist to change the Pakistani society. With the strong determination women need to fight for their rights because Islam has never put any sort of restrictions for marrying the man of their choice. Why our society is pressurizing women to mold their decisions and sacrifice for the prestige of their family, in order to maintain their social ties with others? In majority of tribal areas of Pakistan, patriarchy is so strong that becomes the main reason of high rates of honour killings is Pakistan.

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    You should be asking ‘ should there be public hanging for for this kind of cold blooded murder ?

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