Teaching: Tough Job and Respectable Too

Teachers are the benefactors of the nation, they build a nation. Our children get their education and skills from teachers. Educational institutes; the most important element of the state is run by the teachers. Teachers are accountable for the educational growth of their students. On same cross, teachers do also entail and demand respect. It’s a hostile fact that now, our teachers are not receiving the respect and value in their society. Teaching is one of those professions in Pakistan who have to do a hectic job, but they don’t get enough paid for their work and effort with the future of Pakistan; students.

Teaching, which is the most beautiful, important and interesting profession of the world has become the profession for jobless folks in Pakistan. Inopportunely, today we are having untrained people as teachers. Whatever the quality of education a teacher is delivering, he demands and deserves the respect, which is not being given to them in our society.

Now, on Monday, Punjab Government has issued an order to Police personnel to pay respect to teachers by saluting them. “Salute” that too from a Policeman will increase the respect level of a teacher. A teacher now will be proud of his profession. He will proudly say that “I am a teacher”. Teachers will have to put a sticker on their vehicles which will help others to recognize teachers. But, on the other side of the story, media stories states that teachers will also be punished if their students will be caught smoking. Obviously, a teacher is answerable for the growth of a student. If a student is smoking somewhere, after the parents, its duty of the teacher to lead him properly that what is right and what is wrong for him.

Smoking is a bad habit and it is killing our youngsters swiftly. Our youngsters usually start smoking for the sake of pleasure but then it becomes a hazardous habit for them which can sometimes lead to death. Today, students are observed smoking in public places and in educational institutes. Educational institutes are for educational purpose and public places are for families and gatherings to haunt. Smoking at such places will not only affect the smoker, it will cause more damage to the persons around him. That’s how smoking kills generation. Most students get addicted to smoking at college or University level i.e., at their teenage. Unfortunately, at this close our teachers are powerless to take any action among these students. Teachers being responsible for this worst situation of the students should be given authority to restrict students from such harmful activities.

Teaching should be the most respectable profession of the society. In other countries, teachers are getting the respect which they deserve. Teachers are no less then soldiers of the country. They basically make the soldiers. They are the foundation of any country. Unluckily, our teachers even don’t get opportunity to participate in policy making for educational structure and reforms. Illiterate politicians do the work of teachers on the name of their ministry and they are also responsible for the current downfall of our educational sector.

“What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.” -Karl Menninger

This quote suggests the value of a teacher. No matter that whatever a teacher is teaching, his overall personality and impact on students is the most important element among all others.  While teaching, a teacher does not only teach, he observes his students, he tackles the problems of students, he treats them as of his own children. A teacher deserves more then what he is getting. Now, government has issued an order to Police to pay respect to teachers by saluting them which is the most beautiful thing you can do to a teacher. Coming to conclusion, at same time, teaching is a profession full of respect and problems too.


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