Why It’s Difficult to Pass Love Compliments to Your Family

Yesterday I was watching a play in which a child asks her mother and father, why you don’t say I love you to me. The parents got shocked and told their child it’s not a film in which we need to say each other I love you, go to your room and do your work. Then the child goes to his sister and asks her say me, I love you, she replies: what the nonsense it is, go from here and do your work. Child comes back in his room and ponders why it’s difficult to say to our family I love you when they really love each other but it’s not difficult for any man to say I love you to any other woman when he has no relation with her. After watching it, I got a idea let’s make an activity, We people who believe in personal development often make some activities to get the things in concluded form.

My activity was that at first to check myself that can I say I love to my parents, siblings and friends and to notice their reaction. At first it proved bit difficult to say this simple sentence but then I went to mother and siblings and said them I love you. The reaction was amazing everybody got shocked at first then asked me what’s special today; their reactions were full of fun for me.

Then I sent text messages to some family members of mine and to some friends and got same reaction from their side which was also full of fun. Most people got surprised and in return asked what special about today, some didn’t reply, but there were also some people who became happy and pass the same compliment in return with more love and they all are family members and friends, who know I love them and they love me but felt reluctant to listen it and made me reluctant too.

I was thinking why it was difficult to say I love you to our family and friends when we don’t feel any shame to get angry with one another and passing hatred comments. But after seeing these replies it was easy for me to categorize them, the people who didn’t reply or replied what’s that, are those who were thinking I have made some mistake to send them this, they are very conservative in expressing their emotions and possibly for them it’s enough difficult to express their feelings even when they want to express. And the people who replied with answer I love you too but what’s special about today are those who always need some special occasion or things to express their feelings and they are those who think, you should wear new dress and get ready when you need to go outside and for them it’s unfair to get ready for your own self .But they need to understand there must be something that should be only for you without any special occasion.

The people who replied with the same compliment with more love are those who really love and enjoy the expression of feelings and emotions and they usually express their feelings and they often make you feel special during conversation with their words. For them expression of everything is necessary, if I am saying they’re good in expressing love they also have command in expressing anger.

Well that’s about activity but the point of discussion is that how miser we are in expressing love for each other, when it’s very easy for us to express our anger. Yeah some people will say that express your love through your actions yeah I also believe in it but an individual also need words to express feelings.

If you remember when man was created what was the first thing he learnt that was words…Why, to communicate. That’s what I am saying person need to express himself with each other and my point of view is that when we express our sadness, our anger, our desires why not love.

Say I love you to your mother, father, sisters, brothers, husband, wife and friends who are waiting for some love words from your side and if they are at far distance, call them or text them, you’ll notice how much pleasant they would feel after listening or seeing it. Spread love and spread happiness. Although it’s not a film but we are humans who need expressions too we wait throughout our life to listen some lovely and good compliment from our loved ones. Many of us are there who never even pass each other any gratitude compliment but we are used to with the critic compliment that’s why for us it’s difficult to digest the love or gratitude. A Husband was asked to say, I love you to your wife. He replied with astonishment who says I love you to a wife. When father was asked to say I love you to his daughter, he said do not use this bad language before my daughter. Alas for our mindset, it’s good for us to pass critic and hatred compliments to each other but we get a deathbed when we are asked to show some gratitude and love to our loved ones even our parents or children whom we love more than any other thing.

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  1. Muqeem Ullah says

    U have express the Reality of our orient society.
    I am proud for being ur classmat.

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