Youth and Career Counseling

One of most neglected problem affiliated with youth is mental health issues generated due to lack of proper guidance and career counseling. Majority of the students and society at large are not aware of the thousands of fields students can pursue and excel at. The two mainstream fields i.e. medical and engineering are considered the be all and end all of a student’s intellect, brilliance, success and prosperous future life. This social stigma is not only flourished by parents but by teachers as well. Such perception forces students to follow the trend without considering their capabilities and interests.Forced academic choices often leads to mental health problems in students. They are more prone to get into depression, anxiety attacks, low self-confidence and suicidal thoughts.

Every year thousands of students give entrance exams of medical and engineering colleges. However, only a few hundreds of them are able to pass such entrance exams. The rest of the students usually get demotivated and choose any other field without proper thought about their abilities and interests. Such students are indulged in a state of further confusion. Picking a career usually comes after picking a course. In most of such cases they realize that they are not interested in the subjects and become unhappy with their career. They are trapped in a whirlpool with almost no way out other than to continue with the choices they have. This results in unhappy professional life.

Moreover, there is lack of career counseling in our education sector. Academic decision at school level can either make or break a student’s career. Unfortunately, career counselling is almost nonexistent in our system. Except handful of high profile private educational institutes one cannot find any example of proper career counselling of students.

Career counseling provides a better approach to decide about academic and career decisions. Experienced career counselors are trained to understand students thinking, capabilities, interests and potential. A counselor can guide the students to the best career suitable for them. They can also help them make the decisions that can ensure career success.

The current scenario requires serious approach to address the matters of career counselling among our students. Multiple steps, both at individual and national level can be taken to improve the vague academic and career development of the youth. Some of the suggestions in this regard are mentioned below.

On individual level the first and foremost responsibility is of parents. They should expand their own vision about the fields a child can pursue and excel at. They should try to develop a relationship where children can easily share and discuss the fears and problems they face during their academic life. Such environment can increase the chances of making more rational decisions about academic choices. Motivation and encouragement from parents can in fact enhance the confidence of a child.  This can play an integral role in child prosperity not only in his academic but social life as well.

Secondly, the academic mentors and teachers have a huge responsibility to expand the academic choices according to a child capabilities and interests. An environment of accepting and respecting various professions must be encouraged during the school education.

On the national level, government needs to realize the significance of career counseling for the youth. Youth should be our top most priority in this era because human development can pave a way for developed society. The most practical short term solution in this regard is to arrange seminars on at least annual basis in schools. For the long term, government can initiate the setup for induction of career counsellors in schools.

It is a high time to realize the significance of career counseling. There are thousands of professions that can equally provide chances of wealth, social status and prosperity but they should be opted according to one’s capabilities, potential and interests. The only difference comes with hard work. One who works hard can achieve success in any profession.

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