Nations’ Crisis in 21st Century

It is 21st century, the era of smart people, smart events, smart accidents, smart foods, smart politics, smart disease, smart treatments, smart stories, smart economy, smart communication and smart wars. However, civilizations of 21st century may face serious crisis and issues despite of smartness.

Environmental Crisis: Inordinate consumption of industrial fabricated products in the industrialized countries of 21st century poses extreme dangers to global environment. This is further amplified by the speedy population maturation in developing nations. Its consequence is the climate change which jeopardizes the melting of glaciers and polar ice. The complete melting of Greenland’s inland ice may result into seven meters rise in sea level while complete melting Antarctic ice may induce an additional five meters of rise.

Vanishing Resources: World has used fossil fuel since long, whose regime seems ending. The current spectrum of oil and natural gas prices project that the two sources will become much expensive by 2050, and then will have limitations up to precious chemical synthesis only.

Foods Crisis: The rapid population growth, if continue will reach up to 9 billion by 2050. Expensive oil and natural gas will adversely affect agriculture. Climate change may further amplify the global food crisis. Melting of Himalayan glaciers can cause the rising of sea level which deluge low-lying agriculture and hence may reduce the crops.

Economic Inequality: About 2.7 billion people of world total population spend less than $2 per day, while 18 million of humans die each year due to famine and poverty. In 2006, 1.1 billion people did not get safe drink water and 1.8 million dies from water-related diseases.

Threats from Atomic Weapons: World have entered intentionally into the hot era of nuclear weapons and its test on Hiroshima and Nagasaki may pose a fear and challenge to countries which do not possess it yet. During the cold war, the number of nuclear weapons increases to 50,000 with explosive power of more than that of Hiroshima. Nuclear missile may trigger through a large distance and can produce toxic harm to living thing within seconds. The number of nation possessing nuclear weapons is increasing. What will happen, if such weapons fall into the hands of terrorists? Probably, a nuclear terrorism, against which effective defense is of course impossible.

Massive military Budgets: 2008 measure shows that the world’s military budgets reached to 1.47 trillion dollars which is a high figure. It means each country wishes to bolster institution of war. It is threat to humanity and civilization.

Growth limits:  For a healthy economy, there must be growth rate of 4 % per year that must correspond to an increase by a factor of 50 in century, by a factor of 2,500 in two centuries and 125,000 in three centuries. But rapidly vanishing resources may not keep the track of such growth rate.

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