Imran Khan in the Apathetic System

If you are living in Saskatchewan Canada, you are advised to switch on your vehicle about ten minutes before you drive, so that not only the engine is warmed up but also the interior and the vehicle is ready to be driven. Same is the case with “Operation in Sindh”, which is all set to start; both its engine and interior are cautiously warmed up and the vehicle is all set to be driven. It’s writing on the wall that now, “Operation in Sindh” is waiting for someone, who just opens the door, puts the vehicle in driving mode and presses the foot on accelerator to start driving it.

With the unveiling of this operation, co-Chairperson of Pakistan People’s Party Asif Ali Zardari with his sister Faryal Talpur is supposed to be arrested in the same way as Nawaz Sharif with his daughter Maryam Nawaz were arrested and with this a major crackdown against corruption is anticipated. Nonetheless, this operation is not going to be stopped here, it might wrap up majority of the Sindh Cabinet and the most notable Chairperson of Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and may also swamp few MQM leaders.

If the road is clear then this operation will transmute its gear from 1 to 4 and if there are impediments and barriers on its way then this operation might be slowed down and shift its gear from 4 to 1; but most significantly this ought to be reminisced that there is no reverse gear of this operation.

There are already rumors that this operation might lead to dissolution of Sindh Assembly by Chief Minister Sindh Murrad Ali Shah or Governor Rule might be imposed in Sindh province. If nothing ensues then the disorder in Sindh Province would be despondent with no writ of the provincial government in Sindh province. Electronic media is already facing enormous financial crisis; an eminent portion of bureaucracy is not obeying the orders of Imran Khan’s government. Inflation is on the rise and rupee is losing its value rapidly. In short, Imran Khan’s government has failed to deliver its promises in first 100 days.

State of Pakistan has realized that Pakistan can only be strengthened by consolidating its institutions, not the personalities. It’s very vital that the institutions stand on their own feet and there is complete elimination of corruption and mismanagement amongst them. Fortunately for Imran Khan his narrative matches with the state in ways that both believe in strengthening the institutions and anti corruption drive.

It’s highly imperative to mention here and must be kept in mind that establishment does not position itself with any particular person; if someone is discerning like this, one should come out of this illusion. Establishment stands with “National Security” and “Strategic Interests” of Pakistan and will extend its support only to the national institutions of Pakistan. This is also crucial that the institutions are run by the competent people with the simple principle of “right person at right place”.

Imran Khan will have to focus on economic and political stability; rest of things will state do itself with strong institutions. For Imran Khan, it’s just like playing in the Cricket Ground at Calcutta, where his rivals are racketing at him unceasingly and he has no sustenance from the spectators whatsoever. But he is courageous enough to confront this challenge, as he has faced it many times before in his life. He will have to play well no matter whatever are the circumstances.

If Imran Khan loses his focus anywhere in between, then there might be the “Compulsive Intervention” from other institutions to make sure that the things are going in the right way. The state will auto correct itself.

No doubt, that the biggest challenge for him in this anti corruption drive is to bring back the looted money, which is a gigantic task within this system and it may take many years because of our obsolete judicial system and bureaucratic red tape.

Bringing back the looted money in short term is possible either with “Saudi Model” or “Chinese Model” or it may be the mixture of the both. To some extent, “Malaysian Model” recently introduced by Mahathir Mohamad is also acceptable. But in current system of the country, it definitely appears to be time consuming and very costly.

The possible upcoming earthquake in the Middle East or next round of Arab Spring is definitely going to hit Pakistan. In case if colossal protests are hurled against Imran Khan’s government due to his anti corruption drive then the state would certainly support Prime Minister and his anti corruption drive. But, in case, the remonstrations prolong for a while, then the Prime minister will dissolve the assemblies, and with this four provincial assemblies might also be dissolved. Ultimately, politicians will be failed to form the new political set up as it is the prerequisite of the constitution that both the leader of the house and the opposition leaders should settle on the new set up, which would not be probable and the new set up thus will be formed either by the Supreme Court of Pakistan or by Election Commission of Pakistan. The new set up formed in this way would not be able to hold new transparent elections, whose results are “acceptable for all” under the prevalent circumstances, consequently resulting in more chaos and anarchy.

The existing system which was founded upon NRO more than a decade ago is about to flop, as the Pakistan’s scenario, global environment and geopolitics of the region have changed. Imran Khan ought to strengthen the democracy by completing his term of five years in a dignified way via confronting all the challenges and come forward to “rescue this system”.

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  1. Faheem Khan says

    It is really a big thing that a man is willing to show his efficiency in 100 days but v r always ready just for colorization. Butt i personally think that the question raising is a lesson which is thought u by PM Imran Khan so be respectful not a judge……..
    we r proud of our PM

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