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Just think! Today, how many times you used your smart phone to do your day to day business? You must have awoken by its alarm bell, you must have replaced it with your wrist watch and you must use it to know any word stuck behind your memory. But did you ever bother about how privy to your security this device is. These pocket sized personal assistants have occupied their place in our lives as strong as an octopus.

Unknowingly the sensors of Smartphone detect our locations, data transferred and our general inclination towards web surfing even when we are not connected to Internet.

Just a few days earlier, I was grappling an issue with my sim card and while following assistance steps, I was asked to contact customer care shops with exact names and address, absolutely close to my place. The notable aspect of issue is, I always keep my location information turned off.

Recently Google has withdrew almost 20 apps because these apps were using microphone and camera of the user without informing him and thus recording audios and taking snapshots causing a severe threat for the security of an individual.

All of us must have noticed that each and every app of android uses contact details and SMS reading permissions even though those apps are not directly linked with our contacts and SMS. The sensors have access to each and every feature of phone even when we are offline and they send that information to their parent platforms like Microsoft and search engines when we are connected to Internet.

Android security issues have become a headache for each and every country and in recent past, accounts of bigwigs were even hacked due to hijacking server information by hackers. These insecurities are averting Google to launch more revolutionary versions of apps, for instance last month, a newer version of Facebook messenger was withdrew after a single day launch due to the user’s personal information being leaked.

Whenever we are logged in from a device that we are using for the first time, Google sends the exact name of that device and alerts us by email. While installing an app, Google play store asks us to use a lot of permissions like our Internet connection name and approximate location. Despite a lot of progress on apps, security issues are still there. Many IT experts blame low price Smartphones the root cause of such issues as they are not upgradable and so we can’t update them to the newer versions introduced by Google. It might be a reason but the recent data theft cases were from the most expensive phones and laptops from the house of Apple.

It’s high time for companies like Google and Microsoft to make the security of a user as their first priority because in current scenario these smart android phones have become our mind, heart and right hand.

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