Will Imran Khan be the next Jinnah?‎

When in Quetta Muhammad Ali Jinah was in hospital he said it is my strong desire to live long life I am not saying these words for the sake of my own wish and I am not scared from my death. In fact I want to fulfill the responsibility which is given to me by nation. Now I have done my work Pakistan came into existence we are free as a nation now I get tired and want some rest. At that time Colonel Ilahi Baksh and Doctor Riaz Shah were sitting with our great leader. They replied we still need you we are afraid that none can counter instead of you. Then Quaid replied, don’t need to be worried nature would create such a person who will be well-wisher just trust on God don’t prefer your personal interest to national interest. God will gift you a wiser man than me.

Now a days a message is moving all around, in which there is a comparison between Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-e-Azam) and Imran Khan. As Muhammad Ali Jinnah went to England for higher studies and after that he returned to United India and preferred advocacy there. Same was the case with Imran Khan. He also went to England for his higher education and after its completion, he preferred Pakistan. He came back and started his career as a Cricketer. After this, Muhammad Ali Jinnah converted a Non-Muslim girl to a Muslim and married her. But unfortunately, the marriage couldn’t last long. Imran Khan also had to face the same circumstances. When M. Ali Jinnah started his professional career or probably his practical life, he had to face numerous difficulties in his way. Similarly, Imran Khan also had to face many difficulties and criticisms. A time came when Muhammad Ali Jinnah became so cynical that he left the United India and went to Britain but Allama I qbal compelled him to come back to his country. Similarly, Imran Khan felt the same dejection and announced his retirement but returned to the team due to Zia-ul-Haq and awarded the nation with a World Cup.

After the subjugation in the Independence War of 1857, the Muslims of sub-continent had to face many complications. That is why the Muslims were compelled to think that they have to have a separate state. In order to effectuate the dream of the Muslims, the Muslim leaders tried really hard. At last, Muhammad Ali Jinnah succeeded in achieving this goal and fulfilling the dream of the Muslims.

When Muhammad Ali Jinnah felt strongly that there was a discriminating treatment of the Hindus and British’s with the Muslims of Sub-continent and they could not get proper justice there which was required, he bade good-bye to All Indian National Congress and got affiliated with the Muslim League. Then, he united all the Muslims of the sub-continent for the attainment of a separate state, a state where all the Muslims and other minorities could live their life independently. Most of the Muslims, despite the discrimination of caste, color, creed or status, helped Muhammad Ali Jinnah for the achievement of Pakistan. There was no Sindhi, Punjabi or even Balochi at that time, everyone had a solitary aim and that was to have an independent state where all the people belonging to any religion could live their life according to their particular principles without any interference. That is why the Muslims succeeded to attain a separate state and the British were left with no other choice except for the approval of all the demands o f Muslims. But unfortunately, after Muhammad Ali Jinnah, there hasn’t been any other leader who could unite the Muslims under a particular purpose or a particular aim. If there had been such a leader, East Bengal would’ve never become Bangladesh, there wouldn’t have been any separate state movement going on in Balochistan, there wouldn’t have been any antagonism among Shias and Sunnis, and there wouldn’t have been linguistic based problems.

Apparently, everyone tries to make this country his own Pakistan or Feudal state, which it isn’t and it can’t be.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah laid the foundation of this Islamic Democratic State. Today, we need to consolidate this state again.

When Imran Khan presided over a historical public meeting during election campaigns, he raised a slogan of making Pakistan an Islamic State again. Pakistan has to face the same difficulties now which it had faced in 1947. We are still bound in the chains of slavery, whether it is America we are bowing before or the Feudal System. Imran Khan actually believes in being selected electorally and brings about the Khilafat System by being into the Parliament. If Imran Khan gathers all the Muslims and minorities as a nation under one roof of an Islamic State, where there won’t be any discrimination of caste, creed, status and pride, where there is no one who is Sindhi or Balochi, neither is anyone secular. Everyone will have the same aim that is Pakistan’s prosperity and progress. If this happens, Imran Khan will be the next Muhammad Ali Jinnah of the 21st century.

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  1. Jibran Khan says

    This is humiliating to the Quaid-e-Azam the greatest leader and father of Nation. Quaid-e-Azam never hurt any Pakistani and its property, where as the criminal acts of Imran Khan need strict punishment under PPC and ATA.

    1. akmal says

      ur kind of pple were the ones who once called Quaid -e-azam kafir ,we are all very clever after history has spoken ,let me tell u something imran will be the other of pak after Quaid who will be remembered with good words when history is written .mark that down now, tell ur children to remember what u said so u can be proven wrong by history

  2. Ghani K says

    Will Imran Khan be the next Jinnah- Will it snow in Lahore? it might.

  3. khalid mehmood says

    Perhaps IK is much better than the rest of leaders. May Allah SWT help him to change to Pakistan into a Great Pakistan.

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