First Hundred Days; Crest and Trough of PTI’s Government

In earlier days of PTI’s government, Pakistan was going through serious financial crisis, because of the balance of payments. Opposition parties were busy in their alignments to destabilize the newly elected government on economic issues. On the other hand, Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team were trying their level best to confront economic challenges, which Pakistan faces today. In this perspective, the government of Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan got phenomenal results over foreign policy front, which indeed was pivotal for economic stability.

Before moving forward, let me remind my readers that neither Prime Minister Imran Khan nor his team was responsible for the current economic condition. Certainly, two successive governments and their extravagance were the major cause for the current economic situation. So, blaming three months old government, on economic affairs perhaps seems a joke to me.

One aspect at the moment for the current government which people can criticize is their decision making. Although, I disagree with the sentiment that government was required to approach International Monitory Fund (IMF) immediately after sworn in. It was a very important decision for the government to take, so appropriate thought process was required before making the final call. So, in my understanding, Prime Minister Imran Khan, and his team took good enough time and delayed their negotiations with IMF which proved right at the end, why and how it happened. Let’s try to find it out.

In a few weeks’ time, Prime Minister Imran Khan visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) twice and managed to get fiscal support for a brief time. Likewise, his visit to China in the first week of November proved helpful for the Pakistani economy. After these visits, Pakistan will negotiate with IMF for loan, but this time quantum of loan will not be significant, courtesy to this reason the terms and conditions of this loan will not be very tough and perhaps the no burden will be shifted to common people in terms of hikes in petroleum, electricity and gas prices. These things are very positive, and this financial support will provide the opportunity and time to the government to turn around the economy and provide some relief to common people. For these positive moves and successes, Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team richly deserve applause.

Another positive thing or news which was not observed in the large section of media is the appointments of new diplomats in different capitals of the world. For the first time in the recent history, a political government has appointed career diplomats in key capitals of the world, it indeed was very encouraging. In this context foreign minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi deserves the appreciation. In addition, austerity campaign, the Clean & Green Pakistan and Pakistan Citizen portal are the steps, which are positive and reflect the farsightedness of a leader.

Dear readers, if we summarize the first hundred days of PTI’s government; we can say that they have done some positive things and some negative. In their positive aspects, they managed to solve the immediate financial crisis, have done very well of foreign policy issues and after a long time, ideal working relationship between security establishment and the civilian government is observed (because of Prime Minister Imran Khan). In their negative aspects, we may say that their bureaucratic and political appointments remained questionable, unnecessary criticisms on opposition parties have created trouble and above all performance of CM Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar also persisted as dubious.  So in first hundred days, the PTI government has gone through many crests and troughs, yet Prime Minister Imran Khan is the name of hope for Pakistani people, and hopes in him are still very much alive.

In my parting shot, I just want to say that if the government does anything wrong, as a citizen we have every right to criticize. Likewise, if they do something positive, we should be gracious enough to appreciate them. Remember, there is always a narrow line between criticism and disregard, which we should avoid to cross.

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