State’s Vulnerability

For a state’s progress, continuity is necessary; when it is halted by unnecessary forces it becomes vulnerable to small earthquakes. When the faith of the citizens is being questioned by the state, justice becomes selective, parliament becomes powerless, accountability becomes limited to only one section of the polity, and dissident becomes tantamount to traitor, then the state can shatter by any small amount of hit.

Since the inception of Pakistan when there is a conflict between the extremists and the state, the later has to bow down and surrender according to the conditions of the former, no matter who is right because the state is not firm enough to face off with the extremists. Religious parties played an important role to destabilize the democracy. First martial law, in big cities of Punjab, ensued as a result of conflict between the right-wing groups and the state.

It is very easy to exploit the religious sentiments of people, e.g, if Tahreek-e- Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) doesn’t use the name of Islam for its vested interests, then how much public support it would have on the streets for protests. The politicization of Islam accentuated the seeds of intolerance. Flames of hatred potentiated the seeds of bigotry. The seeds of intolerance and hatred are too much intensified that it seems impossible to get rid of from these aberrations.

When the pillar of the state, judiciary, started to make a political statement, it shows how independent the judiciary is. When judges are violating the own code of conduct, then what is the moral rectitude left behind to hold that position? When only politicians can easily be trapped into the complicated process of law and those who challenged the writ of the state are free to roam, and then what is the justification left behind to say that law is same to everyone? When only accusation becomes proof, then what is the need left behind to complete the due process according to the law?

State weakens when parliament doesn’t have the ability to take decisions with full determination. When taking a U-turn is marked with the emblem of the quality of great leadership, it shows how inconsistent is the head of the state in its action. After that, sitcom is best played on nation channels in a ridiculous and preposterous way to justify the goofy statements of the party head. After giving a stupid statement, justification of the stupidity is given by savants and intellectuals. All that shows how much mental debilitation has penetrated into the minds of the public representatives.

All the time rehashing the corruption slogan against the politicians is not a new thing. Whenever the need is felt to overthrow an elected government that slogan was chanted against them and extremist groups were used according to the requirement. When the independent candidates and people from the other parties, under the brand of electable, are used to form a government they can pull the rug out from under the Prime Minister at any time. It leads to the stability of the government at risk.

Right to dissent, free movement of masses without the fear of abduction, criticism and open talk on the state’s policies, equality of justice for equal and more equal people and to have the guts to show temerity to face the truth instead of curbing the reality are the few hallmarks of a democratic government. What’s the difference between a democratic government and a fascist government left behind when it starts to muzzle the opposing voices? If the thrilling of the voices is ignored, they can erupt like volcanoes and no amount of pressure can control them.

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