Me Too Movement: Are We Ready?‎

Almost a year of Me Too Movement is to be completed. The big names of Hollywood including film director Harvey Weinstein came up in front of world regarding harassing the women. As the Me Too hash tag started to viral across the countries, women by breaking the silence are showing the ugly inner personality of handsome man.

Recently, Veteran Bollywood actor Nana Patekar, Rajat Kapoor, Vikas Bhal and including Sajid Nadiawala many stars of Indian film industry face the allegations of harassing the women. Although Patekar has denied the allegations set by actress Tanushree Dutta, but the Me Too Movement is getting strong hold not only in film industry but also in media institutions and other working places.

The wave of “Me Too” has been spread not only in the European countries and in India but also in Pakistan. Pakistani renowned singer and actor Ali Zafar is accused of harassing singer Meesha Shafi. Now, the son of renowned philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi is also facing the allegations of harassment. Apart from this, comedian Junaid Akram too is under the fire on social media.

Hot discussion on harassment issue has really raised the serious concerns over the accused personalities. People here in Pakistan call “Me too” movement a conspiracy against accused man. But many progressive people by supporting this movement are of the opinion that it is great initiative to change the patriarchal mindset.

Moving to Sindh, here the bitter reality we come to know that how women are being behaved! In the fields of journalism, showbiz and education also, women/girls have been harassed.

Some months back, Farzana Jamali student at SMBB University, Nawabshah, broke the silence against harassment. It was the power of social media which compelled Vice chancellor and lecturer to resign. Farzana Jamali took stand to never give up and continued her struggle till getting the justice. The effluents used power and their all means to silence Farzana Jamali. But she was not lonely, progressive students and political parties protested against the harassers.

It is not the rare case to harass a female student in university. Including Sindh University, Jamshoro almost in all educational institutions girl students are being harassed. Past year, Sindh University was in the news regarding harassment cases. Girl students wrote letters to Prime minister of Pakistan, Supreme Court, Sindh High court, CM Sindh and to the concerned authorities. They narrated the story of harassment by their lecturer. Court ordered to enact the inquiry team. But the results came by silencing the girl students and transferring the lecturer to other campus.

Suppose for a while, how difficult and pathetic condition is for a woman to work as lonely gender among the dozens of men at Sindhi media TV channels. The masters of dumb thinking use nasty technics or rank to trap the women. Having an experience of working at desk, I have observed their attitudes. When a woman passes, eyes and their attention pay automatically to passerby woman. If they couldn’t do to that woman, at least they utter the words that are linked to sexual harassment.

Harassment cases have always been hidden by influential personalities, they pressure to keep silence by using power. The main reason behind it is the patriarchal system, which teaches and compels the woman to be silenced. Whatever she faces, but she have not to utter a single word against harasser for the sake of so-called family respect.

Being realistic, in our society women are considered to be a creature for man. What man wants can do but if women want to live freely as men, they are tortured physically and psychologically, murdered in the name of so-called “Geriat” honor. Dumb thinking and the system allow barely women to breath.

Tribal clashes or personal disputes and differences in Sindh have ruined the life of women. To solve the clashes or disputes woman are being killed or married forcibly to opponents. In addition, there are other societal issues, women cannot get education, they cannot do job for earning. Only women are allowed to do domestic work. Women are being taught to become a good wife.

As the Me Too movement has tended society to pay attention on sexual harassment. Civil society, progressive political parties, intellectuals and writers support it. On the other hand many political organizations don’t think a woman question as a political question. It is true that women’s part in political process is invisible. In the meantime, Women Democratic front, Woman Action Forum and Tehreek-E-Niswaan are doing a great job to get women’s rights.

It’s time to raise voice and fight against patriarchal thinking. There is dire need for all progressive forces to formulate a joint platform to fight against evil forces for the human cause.


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