Misuse of Teachers Authority to Satisfy Their Fragile Egos

Does being at an authoritative figure you have a right to ruin someone’s life, someone’s future? Aren’t they humans, don’t they have feelings don’t they have some dreams in their sparkling eyes?

Teachers play a significant role in a student’s whole life. A negative attitude of a teacher would take that student towards hopelessness and positive attitude of a teacher will make a student optimistic. But unfortunately in Pakistan many cases have been reported on daily basis of violence of teachers on students.

Teachers have a respectable position in life. If you are snubbing someone on doing something wrong it’s your right and you are doing it adequately to guide them and to teach them disciplinary actions you are 100% right but if there are certain rights given to teachers and the students also have some rights to defend themselves but in Pakistan if some teacher does something wrong with you. You don’t have right to say something why? Because they have authority, they can discard your name from that school, college or university. They can even threat you and the student becomes hopeless. Even if the students are in majority they can’t do anything.

There are many cases in Pakistan where a teacher thinks that they are at a superlative position so one can take any action against them. Many teachers brutally bash students many of them get injured and their whole life ruins they become disabled. Don’t these teachers have hearts and have they forgotten humanity? Do you think if you have a respectable position and also authority so you can do anything? And no one has the right to ruin anyone’s life.

I have also witnessed a case at a renowned University in Islamabad. Where the invigilator handed over the paper late to the students and just gave them seven minutes to solve the entire 80% of the exam and after seven minutes, the invigilators snatched the exam sheets from the students. When the students started asking them they said we will cancel your paper no one helped them what the students would get from the rest of that 20% of remaining paper.

When reported the invigilators didn’t confess about their mistake. The students were hopeless they lost their marks their grades. They went to every authority everyone said your issue will be resolved but nothing happened because they had the authority and students were there to just acquire knowledge they are not in any authoritative position so why would someone listen to them. It’s very easy for a teacher to say how I can give you marks but what was the fault of those students who have just given seven minutes to solve the entire 80% paper ?They were humans not some robots.

When they aren’t performing what they are expected to do? Why are we loosing humanity? Why people suffer from grandiosity when they have authority? Why they can’t take other’s perspective?

The students lose their marks because of the negligence of the invigilators. No one gave them marks. They were just given surety but in reality no one did anything for them. Neither the invigilators nor the teacher lost anything only the students suffered because it was the matter of students’ life not of those people who are in authority; they are living a lavish life. Why would they care about others?

If that is happening in the Capital so then what we can expect from the rural areas where not all the facilities are available to students.

It’s very difficult now days for parents to educate their children and to afford the heavy expenses of the institutions.   I have seen students doing their night duties just to pay their fees and what happened to students what kind of reward are given to them. Snatching their grades and their future from their hands no one has the right to do so.

Because a students’ life is depending on their grades, CGPA’s. Their job means to them a lot and their dreams which they and their parents have been viewing since the day they were born. Aren’t they humans? If you have achieved your degree your goal has been successfully accomplished you don’t have right to snatch the rights of others. There must be strong check on teachers as well.

Teachers are the ones who guide the pathways to the students, who enlightens the students future but unfortunately we have some of those people who don’t deserve this respectable position because many students suffer from those incidents and that incident becomes part of their life and some traumas can never be treated by anyone because the healer can heal the wounds but cannot touch those wounds that have been imprinted in your heart.

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