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Seven years old girl, the symbol of Yemen famine succumbed last week and the crisis came to light once again amid the brutal slaying of Jamal Khashoggi. United Nations has declared Yemen famine the worst crisis of modern times.

It started in 2015 when the source of Islamic states Saudi Arabia backing its allies, decided to fight against Houthi rebels entering the Yemen capital city Sanaa, but now it has made UN to confess their defeat in fight against this scourge. The country is facing an acute war situation which is main reason of this starvation as the prices of food and fuel soar up to 65% across the country. The death toll in one month of August 2018 was 981 civilians including 300 children.

According to Save the Children named charity, about half of the Yemen population is affected by this food shortage and they are not sure about coming of their next time meal. The children observing malnutrition are more likely to get affected by the preventable diseases like pneumonia, measles and diphtheria. Children are also suffering from irreversible cognitive damage.

Worsened food shortage is manmade as the situation turned grim after 3 day blockade of food supplies from Saudi Arabia on the main port of Yemen. The blockade by Saudis took place due to a missile fire from Iran- allied Houthi rebels in the deep territory of Saudi Arabia. The de facto crown prince is held responsible for the worsening Yemen crisis as he is doing it all for his western allies.

United Nations’ anti hunger agency, World Food Program feeding 7million Yemeni people a month, has yielded to the famine casualties and demanded to make the supplies resume as soon as possible to save millions of lives in impoverished country.

Almost one million people of war ravaged country are grappling with cholera scourge and there are not enough medical facilities to cope this epidemic.

The bleakest aspect of matter is not only food shortage but shelling and bombardment on the buses and public places of war torn country and the state has literally been hijacked by brother Islamic country Saudi Arabia and its Western boss.

Now it is the duty of mainstream media to highlight Yemen famine as it did to Khashoggi episode. Khashoggi was an individual and his cold blooded murder should be condemned on all forms in strict terms but Yemen is a whole country involving millions of starving souls. United Nations should not act as an American organization as its condemning the recent missile fire by Houthi rebels but not Saudi blockade of food supplies and medical facilities that worsened the food shortage, rather it should act purely on humanitarian basis.

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