Survival Through The Collapse – 70 Years of Pakistan

A night has come to an end, the announcement has been made, for which people had been talking about, can now chant its name publicly, Pakistan. You could feel it coming. It has come. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, Hindustan will awake in the morning to life and freedom and the land which will be strange to them. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds peace.

Seventy years ago today, the partition of the land which has ruled the world for ages had befallen. Besides everything the leader of the time ruling the both lands assured no extermination and insurgences in the Hindu-Muslim areas, but after partition was announced, the subcontinent descended quickly into riots and massacre. Bungalows and mansions were burned and looted, women were raped, kidnapped and killed, and children were killed in front of their families. “Blood Trains” carrying refugees between the two new nations arrived full of burnt corpses. Even the fruit on the trees tasted of blood, when you broke a branch, red would come out.

Pakistan, which was gained through the sacrifices of people, lives, capital, assets, figuratively everything. Seventy years later today, the historical events Pakistan has faced in its survival through the ages has a lasting impact until now. At the same time, the stability of this fledgling country was significantly hampered by the lack of resources. The wars, right after the year later the independence, when the country wasn’t in a condition to stay stable through the war, still had a chance to breath. Due to political instability and separatist movements and terrorism, the east wing of the country was separated from Pakistan; this paved the way to the creation of a new country, Bangladesh, in 1971.

Getting accused from the opponents, emergent enmities, intensifying revolts, murders of the leaders have left Pakistan wounded with the birth of traitors within the boundaries. In the age of shallow heart, persisting to live among the subsistence, the country yet to face the most petrifying age of terror, 9/11.

Terrorism and Pakistan

Terrorism has brought an enormous burden on Pakistan through the adverse impacts on their social, economic, political and physical infrastructure. As for world, terrorism is a conflict, for Pakistan, it’s a war of survival. The post 2001 era, Pakistan has suffered the enormous amount of terrorist attacks, and sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Considering the USA- Afghanistan war, remained an obstruction for regional peace, security, and development. Pakistan, because of its vicinity and historical connection, faced the most serious consequences of war in Afghanistan ranging from security to socio-economic issues. Hosting millions of refugees from Afghanistan caused another way to reach out Pakistan for terrorist activity without byline.

The terrorist attacks in the northern and western areas of Pakistan have led the country to incapacitated state of being. Starting from the effects of tourism to Pakistan, which decreased to the below negative line. Loss of human life and public property, estimating up to the date approx. 70,000 civilian people lost their lives so far in the war of terror. During the last 17 years, the direct and indirect cost incurred by Pakistan due to incidents of terrorism amounted to US $126.79 billion equivalent to Rs. 10,762.64 billion. This completely has excavated the Pakistan’s economy to survive having the huge debt as well.

Nonetheless, United Nations’ adoption to the anti-terror resolution, in which Pakistan took a greater part by embracing a principle stand and became a key partner to the federation of forces in this war. The resolution included the Use of force, Denial of innocuous spaces and financing of terrorists. Pakistan adopted the strategies regarding the initiation of the political process to take people on board and bring the area into national mainstream, creating administrative measures and carry out development works.

Terrorism & Role of Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army conceptualized the concept of the anti-terror resolution through various operations. This resulted in elimination and arrests of a large number of high profile terrorists who had linkages with organizations and networks in various parts of the world. Pakistan Army’s comprehensive counter terrorism operation culminating with Zarb-e-Azb and Khyber-I-IV operations and counter-terrorism, measure taken by the Government under the framework of the National Action Plan (NAP), and the sacrifices of the security forces. This has resulted in a major decline in the number of terrorist attacks as well as the causalities suffered.

The success in counter-terrorism has played a critical role in creating contributing factors to the economic environment whose results have started to appear in terms of growth across various sectors of the economy. As a result of these efforts, the total loss incurred, has reduced to 63% to the date, which shows the colossal amount of government’s efforts, and the sacrifices of the armed forces to eliminate terrorism and extremism from the country.

After the age of survival, this land stands with the wounded shadows, on the face of earth, stronger than before, sending out the message to the world that survival is the key to the liberty.

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    I recently had the good fortune of reading this article regarding terrorism and Pakistan And the efforts of pak Army.
    It was well written and contained sound practical advice! u pointed out several things that I will remember for years to come.the day we will understand this we will rise high INSHALLAH.
    Pakistan zindabad

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    You built a bridge over the sea 70 years in one glance.
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