Are Educated Women Really Empowered?

Look deep into my injured soul, a voice of helpless puppet with best degrees accomplished from a top university, a crown of success at her head, a victim of domestic violence. But she can’t demand a divorce because her parents clearly stated “they can’t tolerate any mockery by society and will get hurt if she will get a divorce. She was meek, has no courage to take decisions for herself because she has not even given liberty to choose anything for herself, given her confidence that she can fight and stand for her right throughout her life. I cannot do justice to express her feeling in my writing. There are thousands of stories around us, ranging from women working at a reputable position to housewives. Now a day, where #METOO movement is prevalent, women rights is extensively debated topic, numerous organizations are working for women empowerment. The issue of educated disempower women is repressed.

Before scrutinizing a topic, let’s have a glance what we mean by to empower (verb): To make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. Whenever a topic of women empowerment is deliberated, innumerable debates are conducted in which Education is considered as a pivot tool to empower women. Albeit, it’s significance cannot be denied, but there are numerous girls, who are educated but forced to bear domestic violence because they don’t get support from anywhere and are not strong enough to stand for themselves. Constantly, a repeated lesson is given to them that don’t do this, People will not accept you. You have to tolerate it. Don’t get a divorce, what people would say? The pivotal issue is that girls may get educated, do jobs but their ability to make the decision for themselves is not given to her. She is not given that self-confidence or pressured from society by pasting a label of women, and slogan what people would say? She is tied in forced marriage, insisted to give up her dreams of studying abroad because she is a girl. Thousands of women in Pakistan are going through this phase even after getting education and job. Therefore, to empower women in true means: it requires something more from us.

Before talking about taking constructive steps, it’s our foremost duty to turn the page of Islamic history, and we should learn, how women are empowered in true means, by giving them an opportunity to be confident and decision maker of their own life.  For instance, in Islam, a woman has the right to accept or reject marriage proposals and her approval is required to complete the marriage contract. She cannot be forced to marry someone against her will and if this occurs for cultural reasons, it is in direct opposition of Islam. Hazrat Khadjia (R.A), a torchbearer for today’s generation, business women and Wife of our Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). During a Battle of Bait Lihya, Hazrat Khaula(R.A) set an example of bravery, liberated her brother Hazrat Zarrar(R.A) from clutches of enemies. This is a true depiction of empowered women.

Being a member of this society, we should start with our families. Albeit, a rudimentary role of parents can be denied. They play a crucial role in building their self-esteem among children which enables them to win every battle of life through encouragement or make them loser by criticizing all the time. But unfortunately, if someone’s parents are not supportive, then a person needs to work over herself. Firstly, she needs to learn to love herself. Then you would be able to stand for yourself. It’s a common practice in society; girls are symbolized as a SACRIFICE GOAT, who only has to sacrifice in order to make others happy. Secondly, learn to say NO, when you really want to. Take care of your physical, mental and emotional health. However, people would start criticizing you in beginning, but remember that if you respect yourself, then you would be able to progress faster. It doesn’t mean you have to be rude with parents or relatives, but within limits apply this in your life.

Secondly, there is a dire need to make changes in our education system that only produces great crammers. They should design such activities that foster self-esteem in youngsters, which may include such activity where students have to make quick decisions. In addition, girls should be encouraged to participate in sports, so that they would get confidence.

In a nutshell, a long journey is to go to comprehend the meaning of Women empowerment and its applications in society. But it’s a Chinese Proverb, “A journey of thousand miles starts with single step”. So why not we individuals, parents, women, siblings should take steps to empower our Ladies!

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