Is Respecting Employees Really Unnecessary?

Money does not grow on trees, a very popular statement which most of us grew up listening to from our parents. However, never realized the true meaning and depth of this statement till we stepped into the corporate world our own self and it was time to earn some bread.

Living in the third world country where people are even deprived of basic necessities, respecting employees is an unanswered ambiguity. Over the social media, table talks and formal dinners, every individual is seen praising the fact that treat employees with respect. Unfortunately, hardly anyone pay keen attention to it and simply pass statements without any self-analysis.

Once you step into the flashy corporate world as seen from outside, you come across number of hard facts and truths which sometimes bounce off your head whereas on other occasions it absorbs deep into your soul. In Pakistan, in particular, you will come across only a handful of employers or team leads who will actually give respect to employees and show simple humanity towards them. Irrespective of the fact that we are now living in the twenty-first century, we strongly still follow Theory X by Douglas McGregor that says employees dislike work; they are unwilling to take responsibilities and are not ambitious. Therefore, every other employer or team lead you come across is usually checking on you if you are utilizing the time effectively and efficiently or not.

On the other hand, apparently, it looks like that we are obsessed with authoritative attitude. It’s compulsory and extremely important as seen by employers to demonstrate a certain level of authority on their employees so that they cannot raise their voice or take you for granted.

Moreover, it’s quite sad to see when the client is given importance over the employee even if the client is wrong. Indeed the customer is always right but look beyond that statement, what if client committed something else at first and once the employee delivered it, the client changed his mind. Least the employee deserves to be supported in such situation but unfortunately, most of the companies don’t function like this in Pakistan.

We look up to companies like Google but we are even wary if the employee wears jeans to work on a particular day. We mould the individual so much in these fake standards and pre-set perceptions that we tend to kill the creativity in an individual even before one step into job market making him cautious about everything he does.

Employers need to start looking at a broader picture and step out of this employee phobia that if they will probably start to treat employees with enough respect and equality, they might create lobby or rise against you someday. More the free hand better is the productivity.

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