The State Surrenders and the Lessons Learnt By Law Abiding Common Men

The state has once again surrendered; countless times in the past, but this time it must have been different. We, who supported Tabdeeli (Change), thought that this will be different this time. While the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Army and the most importantly the Liberals backing with their full power, the Tabdeeli Sarkar, after Imran Khan’s speech to curb those objecting the SCP’s (Supreme Court of Pakistan) decision, this must have been different this time. The state once again has surrendered to the goons, thugs and to the intolerant masses and mobs that the poor country has been producing in the Madrissa and on the streets.

The state has once again surrendered and that leaves me and the billions of other parents in Pakistan confused that what we must teach our children? Should we teach to our children that you are allowed to loot when everyone is busy in looting? No internal conscience should stop you doing wrong? If so then what about that British mother who called London police and told the police that her young daughter must be arrested because she has just looted a shop during London riots of 2008. Not sure what we must be teaching our children now, but the poor family that was recently beaten by a federal minister Azam Sawati’s guards and a case was filed against the family, must have learnt a lesson; that all the power of the state that Mr. Prime Minister mentioned during his speech is only to curb the poor.

During all this another episode of state’s surrender, a cart of a poor boy full of bananas that were looted by a mob has remained in the news. One of the current government’s supporters has tweeted that such incidents won’t happen when Prime Minister Imran Khan comes back with a bag full of money from China and when that money will be used for the betterment of the masses that fall prey into these religious goons, that provide the poor shelter and food, and later use them in events like this.  Is that what the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has taught to us? Are these the teachings of good societies; that when you are poor and you don’t have money, you are allowed to loot, theft and plunder? Are these the standards of modern societies? Are these the principles on which the state of Madina, about which dear Prime Minister Utters all the time, was built? Is plenty of money is the only way that stops a human being looting others? Is it, seriously? Then what about the rich who in a race to become richer, keep looting, and doing white color crimes? Can money awaken one’s conscious? Is it money or the teachings that enlightened one’s conscious?

Should we wait for the next time when the state surrenders? Should we wait for the money that comes with Imran Khan from China that teaches us how to be a good human? Or should I wait for Mr. Prime Minister Imran Khan to come back from China’s tour and put all those in jails and start cases against them who have ridiculed the law prevailing in the state, through a due and speedy process? Hasn’t the time reached when all those who have looted and broken the public and private property must be filed cases against, and Pakistani courts must be directed to work day and night to get a decision and those who took law in their hands must be sent to jails through a legal process?

The establishment must be really worried about all this. When the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told Army to work against the terrorists it was named as Dawn Leaks. Publically Nawaz Sharif has built the narrative that he was ousted because he told the establishment to curb terrorism, but have actually done nothing about NAP (National Action Plan) to curb the terrorism. On the other hand Imran Khan has all the powers of the SCP and the establishment behind him, as he is still in the honeymoon period of his government, yet again the state writ of the state has been compromised by doing nothing against the agitators who have harmed the public and private properties. What should the establishment think now? Are all the civilians incompetent? Do they all act about anything that wins them votes, right or wrong? Whatever may be written on the deal done between the agitators and the government, the government must file cases against who initiated it and after due process all those must end up in jails. That is the only way to reduce the trust deficit that a common man has over the consecutive civilian and military governments. Is anything like it possible while we just saw that a federal minister was successful transferring a police chief of the capital city Islamabad; the reason of which being that the Police chief didn’t pick a call from the federal minister? The case is in SCP again. Why SCP is allowed to take the leads? Why the government doesn’t take the resignation from Azam Sawati. Why it is more likely that SCP will have to disqualify a person like him who takes the rule of law not that seriously? Are we far from rule of law still?

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  1. akmal says

    my simple question to u did u come out against these goons or ur friends ,so they would know that good pple of pak are not going put up with it,NO u was safely tucked away writing a blog .it is always easy to criticise than do something ,do u even know that pmln was wanting the pti government to kill a few so they(pmln)could put few of their goons in there too so to cause havoc . that would not have shown that our country is going to be in good hands looks as if mob rule had taken over and government was just as bad,so imran let the storm blow over and now he has said to arrest these goons ,like this imran controlled things the best he could & now he is taking action against them to bring them to justice

  2. Frank Rowley says

    The riots are obviously a concern as it is an affront to the rule of law. The decision of a court of law should never be changed to placate the mob. People and property have been damaged but what is of even more concern is the attitude behind the riots. Quite rightly, and not before time, your leading court has freed Asia Bibi.
    Then there are the two nieces who were raped, then murdered by their uncle. To preserve family honour????
    Reading Dunya News is like reading a newspaper from 3000 years ago, with reprisals, vendetta’s and honour killings.
    Pakistan seems like a country whose educated citizens are trying to drag it into the 21st century. I hope thet succeed.
    The world is watching Pakistan, and right now I don’t think it likes what it is seeing.

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