PTI: Are They Doing It Wrong? Or Is The Media Being Too Harsh?

There are always two sides to every story. The short tempers that we possess never do us any good in trying to get to the bottom of a story. Elections in Pakistan and the formation of new Government has been the hot topic for Pakistanis for the last two months. We have seen it all, be it the landslide turnaround victory of PTI, the emotional speeches by Khan, Not using the PM House to live in and converting it into a Research University, CM Punjab’s protocol, Fawad’s 55km/liter Helicopter rides or the Beautifully Curated (BC) – pun intended – language used by Fayaz Chauhan. It already has proven to be an ecstatic roller-coaster ride for the future.

Coming to the point of interest, is it truly PTI’s fault or the media is being harsh? Well!  bit of both actually. It was on 18th August that the new Prime Minister took oath and it has since been 70 days to be exact. The criticism arising from various pundits usually would come after a ruling party has spent a good two to three years in the Government. But just seventy days? Come on guys, give them a break.

PM Imran Khan the other day took a Helicopter ride from his official home to Bani Gala, his personal home. The distance is more or less 12km. Mr Fawad Choudry exclaimed that the Helicopter ride was cheaper compared to the alternative which is true. It is cheaper and at the same time secure with negligible amount of trouble directed towards the civilians. The problem was why on earth would you give a number? That is where he made the mistake. Numbers are a curse. Learn from Peshawar BRT. Never give number guys.

CM Punjab visited his hometown and was accompanied by 15-18 cars. I watched some news channel going all 9/11 kind Breaking News that the CM was with a protocol. We in KPK have bigger protocols for a common person arriving back from an Umrah. If I can get it, why can’t these journalists understand the difference between a protocol and supporters arriving to welcome their leader after being elected as the CM? An anchor on Samaa TV was showing the clip to Fayaz Chouhan alleging for the use of Protocol. Now Mr. Fayyaz – we all know how outspoken he is – despite his repute explained quite calmly that these cars weren’t the protocol and there is a difference. But Naah!! A journalist can never be Saleem Safi (I meant wrong). No matter how many times the difference was explained to him, he was steadfast on his belief. Coming to the end, Mr. Fayyaz fed up from all made another mistake of abusing. Now in his defense, the program had ended and it was unethical to air that part, but hey, this is our media we are talking about. There isn’t anything un-ethical when it comes to journalism. This same channel also alleged Mr Buzdar of being named in an FIR for a murder which was later proven false news, but they never apologized. But again why on earth would a sitting minister give that point which could be used against them. Why abuse with cameras around you? Why abuse at all?

All this fuss, but still you would think PTI could avoid this. CM should have notified his hosts not to bring a number of vehicles to welcome them. Mr. Fayyaz and Mr. Fawad must control their tone and give everything a thought before speaking out loud. But hey, if everything was spot on, where would be the fun in that?

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