No One Killed Jamal Khashoggi But Impetuousness

Who killed Jamal Khashoggi? It is a question not an acid test to be answered. They say “you can escape everything but death”. The way his death was earlier denied and then connived by the state government is enough to give enough validations of his premeditated murder. Jamal Khashoggi used to quote in his conversation that not a single morning was dawned; however he didn’t miss his country.

Arab spring of Muhammed Bin Salman has done nothing with the individual freedom in Saudi Arabia. Why modern Muslim leaders lack compassion? Lack of being compassionate is what the core reason behind the brutal and cold-blooded murder of acclaimed journalist Jamal Khashoggi. And its alleged main character is Muhammad Bin Salman himself.

In fact the Saudi Crown Prince introduced revolutionary steps since he ascended the throne in 2016. It included women’s inclusion in almost all spheres of life which was forbidden earlier in orthodox Arab society. He abolished sanction on women’s going to stadiums to watch different games and took drastic step of giving ladies right to drive vehicles. Apart from making women acknowledging their social rights, he made possible arrangement of concerts and musical activities.

All these steps were taken as positive vibes of tolerance and making Saudi Arabia having a moderate outlook towards society.

But Arab spring did never to ameliorate the political milieu of the state. Saudi Arabia continued its state to get embroiled in war against another Islamic country Yemen.

Being an origin of Islam, it’s the duty of the kingdom not to get involved in any sort of acrimony with any country to convey the message of harmony across the globe and thus an attempt to assuage so called Islamophobia prevailing particularly in European countries.

Jamal Khashoggi was asked many times not to bang up against the young Saudi crown prince but he didn’t make this Faustian bargain and kept on urging Muhammad Bin Salman towards enlightenment, what according to him, the modern Saudi state should be.

In order to avert Khashoggi to give voice to the opposition of regime, he was barred from writing by the government and his twitter account having 2 million followers was also taken from him. He was fired twice by the government as an editor of newspaper Al Watan.

Even his leaving for America could not save him from impetuousness of MBS and he was not heard again as he went to Saudi consulate established in Istanbul to obtain paperwork to marry his researcher fiancée.

Khashoggi, as a contributor of the Washington Post, used to liken the behavior of Muhammad Bin Salman (MBS) with Vladimir Putin. His channel in Bahrain, giving voice to activists and opposition of Arab regime was closed by Saudi officials as a threat to rebellion against the kingdom.

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  1. Munsif says

    Will the the so called enligthened moderation justify brutal murdering and silencing a dissenter voice?
    Will justifying the silence over a hienous crime commited so boldly in the name of national interest ever be justified?
    Killer and the one who defends the act of terror are both terrorists of first degree.

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