Uber and Careem Times Up!

According to different sources, Sindh Government has just banned Uber and Careem taxi service in Sindh. This is no doubt unbearable and terrible news for many.

In the year 2018, I got the chance to visit Karachi twice. Observing the facility of local transport for the people of Karachi and Sindh, Uber and Careem was not less than a grace for the people of Sindh. Now all of a sudden, Sindh Government has banned this service which will result in a lot of difficulty for the people of Sindh.

They don’t have enough facilities of public transport on which they can travel easily. In Ramzan this year, I had an experience of working with a private TV channel in Karachi. One day, I discussed with one of my colleagues that I want to visit some of my friends, which bus should I take? His reaction made me blank for a while. He suggested me to take a ride from Uber or Careem; else I will be stuck somewhere in local transport.

Obviously, Punjab has much better public transport facilities then Sindh. We, living in Punjab have a habit of traveling with peace and patience. Doesn’t matter if it is Public Transport like Metro or it is some cab service like Uber and Careem. We are used to travel with comfort and joy.

Admiring the suggestion of my colleague, I preferred to travel by Uber. While traveling from Nazimabad site area to Gulshan Ravi, I observed the condition of public transport in Karachi. Karachi; the city of lights has the worst public transport I would say. Watching the condition of buses there reminds me of my childhood days when I used to travel on local bus from a town to Lahore. I must say, my childhood buses were way better than the buses today in Karachi.

As far as I interact with the people of Sindh and Karachi in my travel or stay there, I found them very satisfied with the Uber and Careem service. Traveling in Karachi is not an easy thing; Karachi is no doubt a city which requires a month for its visitor to explore it. I didn’t get much to learn about Karachi or Sindh, but I must say; I want to stay there for a month at least to explore.

Coming back to the point, Uber and Careem service is now banned for the people of Karachi which is an alarming situation for many, people will now again have to survive with the worst public transport. On the other side, there are people who took Uber and Careem as their full time jobs. Most of the drivers have been driving their cars full time to earn a better amount for their children and family.

What is Government doing? How these hundreds and thousands of people who are running their houses will survive? Will Government be giving them some good jobs? Government needs to look into this matter, because this is not the way to do anything. No doubt, Careem and Uber made travel much easier and advance for the people of Pakistan. I don’t know why the Government is against it. I would like to request the Government of Pakistan to not do this to the people of Sindh; this service is the source of income for many as well as the comfort for many. Don’t snatch it from them.

I hope that Uber and Careem service will be started soon again in Sindh. Looking forward to the Federal Government to take some steps and overcome this BAN from Sindh Government. I would like to request people to stay calm and have patience in this matter.

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