Badhai Ho – Set To Deliver Perfection

Badhai ho, an emotional rollercoaster movie which is sure to touch the laughter notes have now been released. The trailer of the movie alone was perfect enough to swipe the audience off their feet and kept us literally asking for more, anxious much to find every possible detail we can. The trailer revealed that the plot will revolve around an intriguing and a very different concept. An elderly couple, who already have grown up children are expecting another baby. The exact moment which holds our attention leaving us in surprise, anxious and at the same time in a fit of laughter. One of their children is an adult whereas the other is a teenager. Not only this Ayushmann Khurrana the elder child even has a girlfriend and is looking forward to get married. The exchanges of dialogues between the two such as “yeh bhe koi mummy papa kay karnay ke cheez hai” are hilarious but at the same time his girlfriend is supportive regarding his mother’s pregnancy.

The movie is finally released and indeed the audience is going gaga over it. It is neither a love story nor an action movie or a folk story but a drama with a pinch of romance along with family bonding. The things in life not necessarily go as planned but its support and family knit which gives you enough energy to go through everything to anything. This is exactly what the movie is showcasing when an elderly couple gets pregnant unexpectedly, at first their children as well as mother in law had a weird reaction but eventually, they all supported against all the odds. It also portrays how something which is completely normal but unusual is mocked by the society. The news spread like wild fire and every other person started to make pass inappropriate comments. The only reason for raising fingers and making fun is that this particular pregnancy does not fall within the expected set of values and norms set by the society.

A fun and happening comedy movie that is surely going to leave you in a happy mood once you step out of the cinema. Also, the songs of the movie are quite entertaining.

The cast of the movie comprises of Ayushmann Khurrana, Sanya Malhotra, Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao. The cast of the movie has done justice to their role and managed to perform exceptionally in the movie, each one of them has done such a justice to their role that one can actually feel all the emotions involved let it be an embarrassment, love or supporting each other.

Badhai Ho is a liberal and fun movie with a cute romance between couples of all ages which is a new concept and therefore, makes the movie stand out. The romantic scenes between the parents are bound to make you nostalgic reminding you of 80’s and 90’s movies. On the other hand, the romance between today’s generations will give you a fair comparison of how a time changed and even romance is redefined. Apparently, the elderly couple has most screen time but still due to their amazing performance, one is not bored. Moreover, the role of the mother in law adds up further spice to the movie. It will not be wrong to say that this movie is director Amit Sharma’s finest piece. Adding on, the dialogues of the movie are hilarious and not even for a minute the comedy feels bland.

Badhai Ho is one of those movies which must be watched by every individual and for some extra fun go along with your mother. The movie is not only about comedy or humour but it highlights numerous senseless society values in a subtle way.

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