Say NO To High Beams!

Last night, after parking my car in my house’s parking space, I rubbed my eyes and tried to clear my vision. I decided I have had enough and won’t go for a ride at night. But is it the solution? Don’t understand what I’m rambling about. So, before I begin, let me preface this by saying that when I say all Pakistanis, I’m well-aware that ALL are not in this list.

We as a nation have a flagrant disrespect for driving etiquettes. The strange notion of turning the headlights ‘ON’ with high beams is clearly one of those. Observe closely a road at night and you’ll come across 4 out of 5 cars with a high beam.

The high beam option on your vehicles is not a tool to blind those driving from the opposite direction. So, can you please avoid it using on city streets and roads?

Listen, I’m only in my thirties and don’t want to die before it’s my time. I try to intact my body with a seat belt after encountering some crashes and scars on the forehead. But, you have made it your life’s mission to make me blind whenever I step out in the evening. After the tiresome experience, the mere thought of preparing dinner makes me sick. Returning home after battling with the headlights has made it rather impossible for me to enjoy the simple tasks of my life. Headache, temper and a blurred vision are the few examples which your high beams have caused.

Now my question is, do you know the purpose of high beam lights? I thought that people have no idea about it but when I see folks using “dipper” on highways then I concluded that they like burning people’s eyes leaving them with anguish and helplessness. Some people goes like if everyone else is using it, so why not me? Also, some Local cars have poor quality headlights. Their light throw is very less in normal mode. So to compensate for it, high beams are constantly used. Often, I confuse the high-beam moving behind me in traffic in my puny little head for a signal to “MOVE” but after moving away, I see it is their habit to keep the high-beam on. Once I showed anger and created the scene after stopping the car. The owner of the car who was looking educated and cultured, wearing a nicely ironed shirt with wrinkle-free pants, to my utmost disbelief, was unaware of the fact that he wasn’t supposed to use high beams on the already illuminated roads.

My fellow drivers, I’m sure you are fully aware that high-beam function on your cars exists not to show off, but for your necessity? Why do you think it is your God-given right to swing your “illuminated part” on my face? Drivers of vehicles coming from the opposite side cannot see properly due to the high-beam lights of the vehicles coming from the opposite direction, which pose serious danger to both the drivers and often results in fatal accidents. It is necessary for all of us to use low intensity beam headlights while driving at night, so that the chances of accidents can be minimized.

I would say that proper awareness campaign should be launched nationwide on the proper use of headlights. Also, the new manufactured cars should have proper brightness so the use of high beam is minimized. After market lights/HIDs should be banned or at least regulated. We all should consider the safety and well-being of others on the road. Those who blindly use high beams without any apparent reason – please start thinking. If not for others, limit or use it sensibly for your own selves because you are also the victim of these awful radiations of lights.

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