Parent Child Relationships and Their Upbringing in This Expeditious World

The lavish life hustling days engross us so much into the materialistic artifact that we don’t consider the reality of life. We don’t cogitate about why God has sent us down. We don’t know where we are heading towards. Wondering about the luxury abound people are getting extortionate day by day.

People don’t even know their relatives, peers, siblings and most important of all their children. Now a day’s relations are just only restricted towards certain cause .Parents are so much into their own relationship that they put the responsibility of their children to others maids etc and what they want to do is to live freely and live a delightful life rather than taking care of children. Mothers are now a day’s more prone to hang out with friends and have lunch at a majestic place.

It’s great to fully enjoy your life but if you don’t pay your attention to your children you won’t give them time they will have their own world; they won’t allow you to enter their own space they won’t allow you to ask them about their personal life in adulthood they will have least tendency to give respect to elders and to treat you admirably.
Time is not static you have to taste whatever you weed when a child needs your love and affection and you are not there to help them they will grow with some insecurities within themselves they won’t be able to establish healthy relationships. Trust issues will be there and most important if you snub your child all the time even if they need your attention and affection and you are busy with your phone and you don’t have time for your kids and have time to spend with your friends or may be with your husband or wife so don’t expect from your child to give you time in your old age because they will then seek for someone to be there for them and they won’t spend time with you because you haven’t spent your time with your children when they were in need of you.

Try to teach your child with examples and with practical implications because whatever you do your child will learn that and they will incorporate it in their life because parents are also the ideals of their children they follow the same pattern what their parents have followed. Having kids is one the most precious and enthroned feeling. But seeing your child on right path and paying respect to others is the most blissful moment. Try to do those things which you are expecting from your child to do.

If you are just wondering here and there for just feeling amused in your young age whatever so if your children are with you or not. Think about the day when you will be laying on the bed of the hospital where there is pin drop silence the walls are also horrible nothing but just some bottles filled with liquid on which you are now spending days of your life. The time when your whole life revolves around you, all you did surrounds you but you have nothing left in your hands you have just a wish to live some more years in this world but your time has been planned. That time your children when hanging out with their friends or even if they are just sitting beside you but not having an affectionate feeling associated with you they don’t have any memorable memories with you that time you would realize if God has given your life what was expected from you to do what were your responsibilities you ought to accomplish in your life but you didn’t.

May be you have visited all the places in the world but you haven’t visited the places you had to visit. That place where you have spent your childhood where your parents were trying to teach your children by holding hand of their grand mother or father or to tell them to help them and to treat them with hospitality so that they would know how to treat parents.

Relationships are much more important than every single luxury we have. We are so much struggling for the materialistic artifact but seriously when you will be left alone then you will realize the time you spend with others was just temporary and those who are before you who were silently praying for you who were sparing there every second for you, you have lost them because time has been passed. You had endearment with those people whom you like but people who adore you; you didn’t recognize the truth of them.

It’s very usual that we mostly like to idler and don’t value the precious gem. But please try to open your heart and eyes and see the world not only from your own perspective but from others perspective as well and try to give and take respect and give value and cherish every person who has intimacy with you no matter what ever the relation is. Every relation has its own charm and own value. Now days it’s a trend to have nuclear family system if you live in joint family seriously you child will learn a lot. Always give them a concept of one family with grandmother and grandfather and with every member of family, not just mother father and child has a family and grandmother grandfather has other family so if you give as a concept of one family to your child they will have a concept of we and when they will grow up in their adulthood they will respect you too and will become very kind hearted and also a significant serving person of the nation.

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    Such an amazing information shared by the author. I am really inspired by the author’s ideas its seriously the bitter reality of today’s life. You should invite these authors in your talk shows so that our generation would get better awareness.

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    Good effort keep it up!

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    A helpful article . . . this is all very relevant in these modern times – as all good school teachers will tell you.

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