Clean and Green Pakistan: 5 Tips to Protect a New Tree

The government has started Clean and Green Pakistan campaign to plant 10 billion trees in five years across Pakistan. Trees are not only essential to increase the amount of oxygen in the environment, but they also help in controlling the pollution. Moreover, they can save us from many kinds of illnesses by preventing the ultra-violet rays that are harmful to the human body.

Before planting a tree, inspect the condition of the ground and make sure that it is free from the dirt. Afterward, dig a deep and wide hole in the ground and carefully place the tree in the hole. Ask your friend or relative to check if it is looking okay from a distance. Then, start compressing the surface around the tree and water it.

Setting a new tree in the soil for growth is not as easy as it sounds. You have to take care of the plant and water it every day. A newly planted tree is very sensitive to the environment and hence needs more tending in comparison with the other trees. A new tree takes time to adjust itself to the area where it is planted because the roots are immature and gradually entering the soil. But, if you give it some attention every day, it will do just fine. Also, keep in mind that there is no assurance that a new plant will grow completely. Many times, things don’t go as planned and therefore, a tree is destroyed. But that’s not always in your hand. Still, there are steps you can take to grow a healthy tree and you will have to repeat these steps on a daily basis.


First of all, make sure to profoundly water a newly planted tree. Water is the source of oxygen for the plants and a new tree requires more moisture than other trees. But you will have to be careful not to water it in such a quantity that it gets destroyed. When it rains, you should examine whether the surface around the tree has become wet or not. If it is dry, you should water it. Aside from this, you should always let the soil dry completely before watering the plant again.


To reduce the evaporation and surface erosion, collect some mulch and apply it around the bottom of the tree — 2 to 4 inches (10.16 cm) deep is enough. This will not only protect your tree from the diseases but also extend its lifespan. During the hot days of summer, mulch keeps your tree safe from extreme temperature. You can add more mulch when the soil becomes flat again. A tree does not need to be mulched every week but you should routinely keep examining the health of the mulch. Remember organic mulch is always a better choice.


You should analyze the direction of your tree and ensure it is growing in a vertical position. Many times, it has been observed by the experts that new plants require some modifications to keep them growing in the right direction. Sometimes, cabling is required to support a tree so that it does not move downward. In case it comes down, it may damage other trees in your garden.


Every day, examine carefully whether the tree is growing or not. In case the tree stops growing, this is the time to make your soil more fertile, but don’t hurry to take this step. You should wait at least one year before using a fertilizer. It is an option but not a necessity. Fertilization helps your tree to get the right amount of substances that are required for the growth of a plant.


Keep checking the branches of a new tree every day to know if an unwanted part needs to be removed. If you observe any physically inactive branch, carefully remove it on time before it shapes into a strong structure. When a tree gets used to a certain climate, it starts making a healthy root structure. This process assists it in maintaining a base to strengthen its branch system. Make sure not to prune more than 25% of the plant per year. Furthermore, if you have a lot of trees in your garden, you can hire a professional team in order to properly prune your trees.

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  1. Sami says

    I think Clean and Green Pakistan is excellent Slogan and the Work on this slogan should be fruitfully seen in Southern Pakistan’s biggest Karachi city where PPP did nothing except looting province’s exchequer and made this Mini Pakistan city a ruin like Moenjodaro. Shame on Zardari and his Hawwaris.

  2. Mubshir says

    Sir ..
    All Pakistan k qeberstans ma plants or trees lagany chahey. …waha pa zarurt h plants ke. ..All pakistan k qaberstan ma lagany chahey. ..

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