Yes, I Am A Pakistani Woman!

Starting work from dawn and ending at dusk. I am a woman of Pride. I am a woman made up of hardships. I am a woman of zeal and dedication. Yes, I am a Pakistani Woman.

In the society I am represented by different roles.

I am a Mother, a hardworking mother. I provide the first step of learning to my children. I provide the country a batch of SHAHEENS of the Future. I am the mother of SHAHEEDS of the country therefore, “Heaven lies under my feet!” Yes I am a Pakistani Woman.

I am a Wife, I support my husband to run our family without me it had been impossible. Either it’s a working world or a village life I support my husband in every hour of need, that’s how we complete a Couple. Yes I am a Pakistani Woman.

I am a Daughter; I am the Pride of my parents. I fill the color of my family. I accept the challenges of my life against myself. I am a brave daughter; I never let my parents down. I have respect and honor. Yes I am a Pakistani Woman.

I am a Sister; I keep my family bond together. I am the one who helps my siblings at every step. I provide the best guideline and the best advises to my siblings. I am the one who encourages them for their best future. Yes I am a Pakistani Woman.

Pakistani Women are one of the world’s most Brave Women.

I am “Bi Ama” mother of Mohammad Ali Johar and Shoukat Ali Johar, one of the Subcontinents first Women to participate in the separation of a new homeland Pakistan.

I am “Fatimah Jinnah” I supported my brother for an Islamic homeland Pakistan. I am one of those who fought for a separate homeland Pakistan and served the country after her Independence also.

I am “Benazir Bhutto” the first Prime Minister of the Muslim World; I am the daughter of East.

I am “Noor Jahan” world’s one of the most famous singer, I am called “Malak-e-Taranum”.

I am “Naseem Hameed” I won the Cup for Pakistan in Asia’s Marathon Competition.

I am “Arfa Kareem” world’s youngest IT Professional at the age of 9. My brilliance had no match.

I am “Maryam Mukhtar” Pakistan’s first SHAHEED War Fighter Pilot.

I need love

I need honor

I need respect

I need virtue

And I need freedom.

My religion Islam gives me equal rights in the society; I am free to enjoy my rights.

I am a Woman made up of hardships.

Women are “HAWA”, “MARYAM”& “ZAHRA” those changed the world every time.

“World does not change me, I change the world because I am Pakistani Woman!”

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  1. Khurram says

    Factually can’t deny the power of reality or the virtue of your tenacity.The significance of motivation is prevalent in every area of our lives. From imagination to manufacturing, we see every sector thriving because of motivation.Pakistani flag is more than just cloth and ink. It is a universally recognized symbol that stands for liberty, and freedom. It is the history of our nation, and it’s marked by the blood of those who died defending it.

    Very inspiring!

    1. Laila Rubab Malik says

      You encouraged my thoughts 🙂
      An optimistic view described perfectly. 🙂

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