Vital Role of Teens for Nations Defense

“Play your role with such passion that even after the curtain comes down, the applause doesn’t stop.”

Proceeding in the army and fighting for your nation takes up a lot of courage but when your land calls out to you, you hear nothing else. A nation cannot exist long unless it has a high national spirit which may be called patriotism. Now in some countries it is mandatory for boys above the age of 18 to take part in the military training. Soldiers are the guardians of freedom, liberty, and the sacred values and trust of our nation. Values are what build a country. Values are what keep us going. What is all this emphasis placed on values and devotion to duty about? It is all about surviving in this hectic, imperfect world.

According to my way of thinking, it is worthwhile for teens taking part in this military training. It is a process which intends to establish and improve the capabilities of these young men. This obligatory training rule is implemented in Korea, Israel and the United Arab Emirates where I am currently residing, but as a Pakistani teenager I would like this regulation to also be effectuated in Pakistan. In Pakistan our youth has an option of join a Defense school and Cadet College. Such military training’s help us to learn self-defense. It somehow also ensures national security. It promotes unity among the citizens of the nation. Army training also helps you to maintain a good diet and health and not be obese. Shooting practice promotes well balanced posture, improved dexterity, and increased stamina. It also helps us to develop mental strength. The dedication of our nation for us is countless. We owe our country loyalty.

But at the same time, there are many drawbacks as well. Military training’s go against personnel freedom. And if the teenager decides to go on with army qualifications, it sometimes leaves families devastated. Deaths in wars are inevitable and the thought of having a member of your family fight in another country out of obligation is painful and difficult. The members of a family who are left behind can also be traumatized especially if tragedies strike their son or daughter being killed while on duty.

We’ve got to take the love of army, the army traditions, and the army values in the 21st Century with us; we must take time and effort, to do the training so that as new soldiers walk through the soldierization process, they will incorporate the Army values into their daily lives and services.

“Heard melodies are sweet, but unheard melodies are sweeter.”

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