Why People Are Expecting Too Much From IK?

Though it is still a honeymoon period for the nascent government of PTI, but the masses want a sudden change in each and every sector of life. In past, governments had not to face such harsh level of quipping at least in the early months of taking charge as the current bench of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf has to in their very first term. A lot of factors lead up to this early Accountability of the government by the public.

Imran Khan is probably the only leader who inspired a common Pakistani this much and drove him to develop an aversion towards the status quo existing in Pakistan since years. Apart from his charismatic personality, it was his charitable work in the shape of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and National University of Modern Languages; that he could put forth as a proof of his philanthropic nature towards the nation, despite being out of the government. Moreover it was manifesto of Imran Khan that inspired middle class educated youth to idealize him as only emancipator of their infinite problems. The way he used to hit upon the ideas of ameliorating education system and depolitisization of police department made people to think IK as the only savior and they turned extremely optimistic towards the government of PTI.

It burdened the members of team IK with high responsibility to deliver in a very short span of time. Now a common Pakistani, who earlier used to sail with the wind, also keeps an eye on the movement of the government officials. Now the situation is if a minister or a governor is found “guilty” of protocol or intruding in police matters, has to face severe nitpicking on social media. If Imran Khan promised to bring the money launderers to book, the people want it to be done in blinking of eye. This impulsive behaviour of public has become a tough challenge for the government. No doubt, the habit of “social media Accountability” would help a common Pakistani to make government more and more efficient but it’s also becoming a way to divert the policymaker’s attention from the mammoth issues confronting Pakistan, because the officials have to look into the matters campaigned against them on social media to avert further humiliation from public.

Its wholesome to note that a few promises, made by the then PTI Chairman and the sitting Prime Minister has been fulfilled as he has ordered all the governor houses to be kept open for the public and the work has started to turn these glorious buildings into public institutions. The people of Pakistan should understand that administering a country is a very complicated process and it is not like administering a factory or a house. It has an involvement of all departments, population and public issues along with solidarity of the nation and international perspectives. The government machinery running is not a plain sailing so please dear people “Be Patient for one more year of your life” as every government needs at least one year for bearing fruits of its policies. And Mr Prime Minister! you know quite well that people of Pakistan think of you as their only Massiah in current scenario of the country and you should try your level best to come up to their expectations. Otherwise you can’t avert to be titled like your successors have been.

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  1. Fowzul Aleem Farook says

    I wholeheartedly agree with the above precise article its very very difficult to bring the changes overnight.As emphasized at least give one year. As a Sri Lankan we too have confidence in him to transform Pakistan in to a very stable and prosperous Country.

    1. Nadia says

      Thanks for your feedback and having an optimistic outlook towards my beloved homeland

  2. Arham says


    1. Nadia says


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