So Different yet So Alike; British Colonization vs. American Domination Over the World

British Empire was the largest empire of world. It was famous about British Empire that “the sun never sets on British Empire” because the British Empire was so widespread; it colonized almost every country of the world. The primary goal behind colonization was imperialistic approach and expansion of trade which later turned into expanding the power and brining more nations under control. The British colonized the world in a very systematic way. They first settled as trading companies in the respective countries, gradually making their way into regional politics,  weakening the contemporary state-rule and ultimately imposing direct control over the country. British believed in divide and rule strategy. They not only systematically divided people but also at an ideological level so that a fragmented society would be easier one to rule and control. The British looted the colonized countries of their valuable national resources, used them for their private interests and deprived the public of basic commodities, making people slaves of British financially, culturally and mentally. One such instance is British India. India was known as “golden bird” because it was a rich nation in almost every aspect, be it culture, natural resources or wealth. It was once believed that almost 25% of the worlds’ wealth belonged to India in the era of Mughals.

The British colonized India with the same systematic approach as they used elsewhere. They began with opening East India Company for sake of trade, once they realized that how much beneficial it is to strengthen their trade in India, they began to take interest in politics soon they were able to weaken the state empire with the help of traitors and ultimately established direct rule all over India. They ruled India for more than 100 years. The whole era of their rule is full of dark history. India was being looted and to shackle down the rebellion from people, British incorporated their divide and rule strategy. Muslim-Hindu differences were heightened such that they became enemies of each other instead of actually fighting their oppressor; the British.

The heart of British India was Punjab and northern parts of India including Delhi and Lucknow. The British industrially advanced themselves. Their major industry was textile industry in Manchester. The raw material was acquired from Punjab and North India. Development of the British would’ve been impossible without this expropriation and exploitation of Indian people. Exploitation of sub-continent is in the blood stream, of British. They manufacture the under development of countries in order to acquire development of their own. One of the worst examples of brutality by British is Bengal famine. Winston Churchill forced the regional people to grow cash crops rather than staples which in turn left the regions with no food at all and the drastic famine in the human history killing more than a million people.

Although the motives of British and America are same but their strategies highly differentiate. Unlike British, America did not impose direct rule on any country but rather it became a super power by influencing the ruling elites of the respective countries in policy making, using them as mediators. They used the strategy of manufacturing elites, so the ruling classes of respective countries would function as their ‘puppets’. Saddam Hussein is one perfect example. He was a puppet of America who was a gateway towards the black gold of Iraq. America used him as tool for their conquest of oil. He implemented policies and deprived his own people under the influence of America which best suited their interests. Iraq had even more oil than Saudi Arabia which fascinated America even more.

America built a power structure such that the ruling classes became agents of those ‘gods’ sitting in Washington D.C. These ruling elites are formed in such a way that they remain intellectually inferior and mental slaves. They are psychologically designed and taught necessary skills of keeping their own people under developed, suppressing the vast potential of nation , importing expensive stuff for themselves at an expense of country’s’ GDP and exporting natural resources at a dirt cheap price , concentrating money and ultimately landing benefits for America.

The agenda is to gain raw materials from technically designed under developed countries, use the acquired raw material in high end production and then selling it to the whole world (including those from whom they acquired raw materials, ironically), saving and concentrating money from the trade , investing it further and ultimately doubling their profit. The American super power has the capacity to change cultural, social and historical landscape of countries through their strategies. In the book “Discontents of Globalization” the whole framework is broken down as exploitation of people occurs through democracy and military power by the consensus of Washington elites at a global level. The relation between the oppressing nations and oppressed one is maintained through cooperate alliance of elites where national elites (of under developed countries) work as subordinates of global elites (America and the west). America not only control countries through policy implementation but sometimes also through war, when necessary. Using Pakistan as a subordinate in Afghan War is such instance.

Through the above mentioned facts it is evident that the motives of British and America are same with almost similar outcomes but their different approaches set them apart.

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  1. I.D. Kline says

    “It was once believed that almost 25% of the worlds’ wealth belonged to India in the era of Mughals.”

    Do you believe that, even without the caste system, the majority of Mughal-era Indians enjoyed any of that wealth? Or, as in every society, only the rulers and their top people had the wealth?

  2. seher mujahid says

    such a terrible written article. Topic could have been better explained had the author been a better writer.

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