War Can Never Be a Solution

The diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan have faced many ups and downs throughout the history of both these countries, but the recent one was dramatic. After holding the public office on 18 of August, Imran Khan as 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan showed his pious intend to build a new era of prosperous relationship with India. He wrote a letter to his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi for the restoration of peace dialogues between India and Pakistan. He also sought a meeting between Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Indian Foreign Minister on the sideline of United Nations General Assembly’s session which has to take place later in this month.

Indian government accepted the offer without any delay and lit a light of hope for peace. But after that due an immense pressure from opposition and BJP itself Indian government did not kept its word and cancelled the whole peace process.

Till there the story was so simple that Modi government did not want to lose its Anti-Pakistan vote bank because general elections are around the corner in India. Indian Opposition also played a vital role in cancellation of this peace process.

But the real anxiety took place after the vigorous remarks made by Indian Army Chief to teach a lesson to Pakistan. It followed by Imran Khan’s tweet of holding big office by small people. Then a press conference held by DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor Bajwa that “Pakistan is ready for war”.

Geographically both countries are interrelated and cannot progress without the help of each other. They both have yet fought five wars but can war be a permanent solution for the welfare of Public?

There is a hue and cry of war on Print, Electronic and especially on social media on both sides of the border. Both India and Pakistan are already spending a healthy amount on defense budgets while a huge number of people are living under the poverty line on both sides. There is no trade between them.

They both should learn from five times experience that war can never be a solution for their problems, although, it creates more chaos among the people. Harmony and peace can only be achieved through dialogues.

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  1. bp says

    Best for both country, closed all borders, cut ttl relations with each other & live peacefully . leave poor ppl alone.

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