Growing China-Russia Axis and United States Options

The strategic partnership between China and Russia has gone to new heights recently, despite mutual suspicion and historical differences. President Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin met this month for the third time in the year and signed joint projects of more than 100 billion dollars. Morover, two countries also had joint military exercises, involving 300,000 troops, largest since 1981, are clearly designed to intimidate opponents. Chinese Foreign minister Wang Yi said that “Now relations between two countries are at best level in history.” The reason behind this axis, are turbulent relationship of both countries with United States.

Trade war is going on between China and United States and Russia is also facing sanctions from European Union and USA, on the issues of poisoning of Russian double agent in UK and interference in America’s presidential elections. Both China and Russia also agreed to use Yuan in their trade, so that dependence on Dollar can be reduced. USA has also announced increase in tariffs of $200billion imports including electronics and consumer goods. Russia sells weapons of more than $10billion to China since 2011.Now both countries are developing drones. This growing partnership is worry for United States and it should not be taken lightly.

”Analysts argue that the foundation of China and Russia relations is based on three things. First is common objectives and values, second is vulnerabilities of China and Russia in the face of USA and third is western pressures.”

Now question arises what options USA have? Experts are divided on this issue. One group of experts argue that Russia is real threat and China has shown interest in working with USA, so relations with China should be pursued and it will also help in countering Russia. Second group of experts argue opposite and believe that China is real threat. I think China is actual threat to USA because of its growing economy and influence in South Asia. So USA should redefine its policies and try to reinvigorate relations with Russia. It will also pave the way for countering China.

China and Russia also have historical differences that can convert into mistrust between two countries .USA can exploit these differences and enhance its area of influence. I think China has more benefit in this axis than Russia. Chinese economy is 10 times larger than Russian economy. It has concerns over China’s one belt one road initiative and military expansion near Russia’s border areas. According to American analysts “China Russia alliance is only what you see above surface, what’s below the surface is serious geopolitical competition”. So in this alliance image of Russia is of junior partner and it can also be exploited by United States.

Despite these complexities this axis should be considered seriously by USA policy makers, because at the moment both countries have strong bonding and exploitation of differences is not easy as it looks. Ignoring this axis at the moment could have negative consequences for United States in future.

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