Get rid of this EAC (Economic Advisory Committee) as a whole as soon as possible

Haven’t we, the poor Pakistani nation, already enough of these modern day economists like in the shape of  Skoukat Tareens  (Ex finance minister of Pakistan) and Shoukat Azizs; Shoukat Aziz, being the biggest and most powerful of them all; whom we made prime minister for a little more than 2 years. During Musharraf period someone beautifully narrated that what ‘real’ Pakistan is. “If you go 15 kilometres in any direction from the centre of any big urban locality of Pakistan like Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad Lahore or Karachi, you will find real Pakistan”. The ‘real Pakistan’ still doesn’t have roads from farms to markets; doesn’t have storage houses to store the crops of poor farmers; No health facilities and the ghost government schools. ‘Patwaris’ and the mindset still rule the district managements. And Imran Khan is confused to change all this with 12 ‘Baboos’ from Havard and other costly universities that even any common Americans or Brits  themselves can’t  afford.

Bernie Sanders talks about the real America. The same America that may not be outside of the 15 kilometres from the Washigton D.C., but the real America that is poor. He just mentioned in his latest video that more than 70% of Americans in jails can’t afford just 1000$ (one thousand Dollars), the money required to get a bail. Isn’t that same as in Pakistani jails? “More than half of old folks in America have to skip their medicine to have 2 days meal”, Sanders also told this to us.

So Imran Khan has imported these ‘Baboos’ from a country which already has a great divide between rich and poor.  One rich person in America owns so much wealth that equals to the total wealth of half of the Americans. AND always remember this was not love for Trump that has made him win in elections in 2016; this was hate for Hillary Clinton, the corporate media and corporate industry and the Wall Street businesses that have made Trump win. The poor Americans have come out and have smashed this modernism, globalization and so called liberalism on the wall.

I don’t know who this Atif Mian is. I don’t want to know what religion he or the others in the EAC (Economic Advisory Committee) have. BUT one thing I know is for SURE, that they and people like them have never and will never be able to get Pakistan out of this economic crisis. And that remains the most important thing for me to know. If they were to, then Shoukat Aziz had all the qualities these recent ‘selected’ ‘Baboos’ by Imran Khan. The beautiful words like ‘Trickle down economics’ and ‘capacity building’ are the favourite words of these NGOs which they sell to earn some funds from the donors. The reality is different and will remain different. And the reality is that ‘Mukhtaran Mai’ being so famous and even after getting Canadian nationality for herself couldn’t prove herself victim of sexual abuse and all of the 7 suspects were released by Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP). NGOs could have only highlighted the issue, which they did, may be for their personal gains also, but the real issue was prosecution and the investigation by the police which failed in SCP.

IF NGOs were to change the fate of any country then we wouldn’t have needed any government in any country. By choosing this EAC, Imran khan went against his own principle. He once said that NGOs are good, but to work good on a largest scale one must be in the government. And Imran Khan must remind himself now that he is the prime minister of Pakistan. There is another person in the EAC who spends millions on his personal promotion and the NGO he is from. Imran Khan must remember and refresh it within himself that ‘Riasat-e-Madeena’ didn’t need help from any NGO; neither does the modern welfare states. It is the power, will and the force of the state that makes things happen. No more moral lectures, like we had few in Supreme Court orders like ‘pity the nation’. The poor nation already has enough of them coming from the mosques. And one thing more he MUST remind himself more often; that still being Islamic country the nation has elected him (a sex symbol) as the prime minister of Pakistan, and not a Molvi was elected as PM; Because the ‘Mullahs’ during the last 70 years have failed to give solutions to the poor nations. If the modern NGOs on the one the one side and the loudspeakers of the mosques on the other were a guarantee to change the society then we have thousands of NGOs and millions of mosques and still have travelled a little in the right direction.

I was against this EAC the day it was created. The single reason being the Havard graduates or teachers, whoever they are, they can’t fix Pakistan. This religion thing came later into it. We must thank actually that this religion thing came into it. This must be the blessing in disguise for this government of ‘immature’ as they used to call them in KPK during 2013-18. Now this is time for Imran Khan to abolish this EAC altogether and make some committee of ‘home grown’ visionaries who have the real experience of realities of Pakistan; who knows how to fix ‘patwaris’ SHOs and likes.

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  1. nasir khan says

    you are so arrogant an know nothing about the world economics. How these uneducated group of people will be able to understand the economics and how to solve the problems. You seems like to be one of the supporter of those stupid mullahs in the country who are using their power to push this country back ward.

  2. Daanish says

    Excellent article, written by a patriotic heart

  3. Usman Butt says

    Wow!!! Someone really needs a course on change management

    Expecting a change from within and from products of this system, are we still living in fool’s paradise or what

    We need to open up and learn – can only agree to one point? Stooges are ofcourse not welcome but we need some brains back for sure

    Wake up countrymen

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