Flaws in the Motorway Management

Pakistan motorway is the state of the art multiple lanes, high-speed roads for making the journey of people convenient. The operation, maintenance and repair comes under the National Highway Authority. The stringent laws and rules are implemented and everyone should comply with it. The one who transgresses the rules and laws which are defined cogently by the authority will be fined and it will be according to the level of offence.

Presently more than 1000 Kilometers of Motorway is in operation. There are multiple automobile repair cars which are patrolling on the motorway and the police are vigilant as well as cooperative. Once I was travelling on the motorway from Islamabad to Lahore, during the Journey I had realized that I am short of fuel and ultimately my car had stopped. The police patrolling in the nearby area arranged petrol immediately which helped me to reach the petrol pump. I laud the authority for their efforts in training the NHA personnel to such an extent that they prove to be helpful for the common masses.

The one thing which is really disappointing is that at the toll plaza from where vehicle exits the motorway, nobody observes the queue which results in the creation of huge bottleneck, perhaps, create multifarious problems for the commuters. It acts as a hindrance for the ambulance; it gets stuck in the toll plaza area which is dangerous for the patients in an emergency. Some of the people are residing in the suburbs of the main city like Lahore, They adopt the motorway to reach their destination on time but due to this hurdle they are unable to arrive at their respected places on time. The huge bottleneck of vehicles is more vulnerable to the terrorist attacks as well as unpleasant accidents.

Few effective measures must be taken by the authority to curb such problem, which includes proper dividers placed and police personnel must be deputed at least one mile apart from the toll plaza so the commuters can observe the queue effectively. Anyone who tries to break the line or flouts the law must be fined heavily because if one car will break the queue everyone will try to follow it. The heavy vehicle should not be allowed to switch from low-speed to the high-speed lane. The road widening should be done at the toll plaza with multiple entrances and exit points. The commuters should follow the queue properly and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead near the exit point. It will prevent any collision of vehicles. The electronic Toll collection exit points must be at one side of the road so the vehicles registered for that do not enter in the queue of unregistered vehicles. If this problem is solved the motorway will become flawless, and people will not have to wait so long at toll plaza. It will perhaps, become not be less than a heaven for the commuters.

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  1. Arslan Zaver says

    Very nice article, summarizing the issue of long ques on toll plazas at motorway.
    The cost of petrol/ diesel of vehicles standing in long ques and the pollution as a result may also have been highlighted.
    Further, often all the toll plaza booths are not active as often one or more are closed by Motor way, resulting in longer ques.

  2. Ghufran tariq says

    A very dazzling topic by the Author. I am startled by how amazingly the dearth of management is manifested in this topic. The government should not only focus on the Austerity of the State but should also ponder on these minor issues and the paucity of management in these departments, these things massively affect the system of a state. Perhaps the M-TAG system which just inchoated is paradoxical to the toll cluster complication represented by the respected Author; as the cars don’t need to actually stop in the M-Tag lanes. So I’d personally, direly recommend that every other person who uses motorway (not just the regular ones) even sometimes, they must apply for M-tag. This issue is not perennial if everyone takes advantage of the advanced M-tag system provided by the government then we all can get rid of the malaise caused due to the traffic clumps on the Tolls. There is a solution to every problem, regardless of the fact that the government doesn’t pay attention to every department; we can still, together as a nation solve our issues by using the provided facilities at least and become a great nation. If Hong Kong can beat a Typhoon in just two days we can also do whatever we can but only together.

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