Lost Souls Contended Faces

Have we ever noticed how important it is to communicate with people? By communication do not assume it on social media. Communication in this context specifically refers to interpersonal one. There is a phenomena in the world. Phenomena is natural and universal. Darkness of night and a sound sleep has a strong healing power to console the grief. It consoles all the sadness and very next day, we wake up with new expectations, motivation, and mindfulness. Everyone in this world possess mood swings which is natural and psychological. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes not. People wear mask to hide their feelings, some are not fake enough to show the side of life, they haven’t ever owned. So, they are natural inside out, but what about those who wear. Who battle with depression, anxiety, certain panic attacks but cover up all of the insecurities with mask. Have we ever tried to reach out beneath that mask? Have we ever judged people beside their social media happy, wealthy, and conciliating life?

Technological advancement is a race of showing better yourself each minute, each second. We are close enough on social networking sites but less interacted in daily life. We are contented and pretending to be happy outside, but lost somewhere inside. We never bother to approach people behind their masks. We find them, contented, appeasing, agitating, aggressive, ignorant, and upset just by the masks they put up.

Meet us we are humans having happiest faces with deadliest souls. We greet each other on different networking sites, for example; if someone is ill we greet wishes online but always forget to visit them. We may not offer them a good company, some face to face conversations, calm advices, soul soothing, peacemaking companionship. We judge people with their outer appearances and not dig out the hidden sadness, killing them slowly inside like parasite.

Recent example of it is, Anam Tanoli. A model who committed suicide, and died at the age of 26 few days back. She was battling with depression, nobody cared, and reached for help. Perhaps survival was ruthless to her. Maybe life lost its charm to her, maybe she asked for help nobody bothered. We all found it okay to say Rest in Peace. Why don’t we let people live in peace when they are alive? Let’s be kind, sympathetic, concerned, and compassionate about people. Give them comfort to talk about issues society feels unconventional. We live in a society where one, when talks about depression has been stopped by saying, “Oh! You’re thankless. Feel the blessings around, it is okay! It happens to me too have some breath. Or, you don’t need any psychiatrist and meditation. Get married you will be fine. You’re an adult, no more into puberty. Deal with it yourself”. In a society where visiting a psychiatrist is a taboo, because it declares you a psycho even before your visit. How one can deal with such conditions? We feel absolutely fine saying rest in peace. Have we contributed well? Have we ever played our part wholeheartedly?

Technology has made us unconscious. We feel, if someone is posting nice pictures, good food, valuable friends company he is very lucky. We judge others by their pretending faces. Our parameters to watch on a kid, youngster or an adult is the way they showcase life on social media. We are dead souls. We update food pictures on different social sites but forget to thank GODSENDS. Our outer is brighter than light and inner is darker than night. Our souls are dead, but externally we all are cheerful, amused and much happy. We are having artificial appearance and unnatural smile. We tactfully manage our inner emotions by bogus and fake smile.

These transformations of showing something else and being something else confuse people and mix personalities on their upper body language. Let’s don’t mock others. They are maybe enduring pain and failing to survive. Technology has made us farthest from our relations and developed more falseness in us, because we want to be better than everyone. Vicious attitude leads to neglect everybody and keep on going with your own mission. We all are feared of not showing things as they are because we are fighting with our souls and we fear not to be caught. However, in reality we are not up to that standard.

What we should and must do is, be natural and show that courage of not to be artificial. Souls are simpler than brain and heart, inner is very pure and real. We don’t need to wear masks on social networks to be spurious. We need to arise ourselves beyond all the impurities because life is worth a chance. We need to abide by our ethics and moral values. Last but not the least we need to inculcate it within our generation that lets communicate orally.

Let’s just revive the culture of communicating face to face. Let’s just take out some time for your loved ones, ask them if they need your help reach to them without why, what, how. Without having a second thought that why are they calling you? Where have they been? Let’s take out a short span, from the ample time to know whether someone is actually happy or wearing a mask? Maybe someday solutions would come first before problems by a simple strategy of verbal communication. Maybe one day our small gesture of interacting, listening and communicating will safe one’s life and fill it with light.

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  1. Minahil says

    Loved it!

  2. Gull says

    Beautifully said! I hope for a better tomorrow.
    Big fan of your writing. keep up the good work!

  3. Gumnam Hai Koi says

    MashaAllah such a beautiful article.. Seriously INSPIRED by your Writing Skills.. The way you Use and Choose your Words in such a good way is marvelous.. You are going to be the Famous Writer of Pakistan soon. (IA)

  4. Amna Ali says

    Thank you, guys! Appreciation is what makes writer more powerful! Obliged.

  5. Shamael says

    Bravo. A much needed piece of writing. Well done .

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