Impact of Fossils Fuels Project on Climate Change

Pakistan is a developing country, where energy demand has risen dramatically due to Population explosion and modern development. Pakistan has always been an energy importer and is highly dependent on fossil fuels. In 2016, fossil fuel energy consumption for Pakistan was 64.2%. The cost of power generation on fossil fuels is around 12PKR/kWh and up to 15PKP/kWh.

According to the spokesperson of PPIB (Private Power & Infrastructure Board), 32 Fuel Based Power Projects of 20,686 megawatts are being launched, which are in various stages of development. A total of 19 independent power projects of around 15,000MW are scheduled to be completed by 2021.

The PPIB stated that the completion of large-scale coal-based power plants will bridge the demand-supply gap. There are around 10 coal projects, which are proposed to produce Electricity to meet the shortfall of energy. These coal projects will add 6000 MW.

There are currently 20 Projects on Natural Gas which are producing 10498 MW of energy; however, 3 new Gas projects are being constructed to get electricity of 3413 MW.  One is RLNG-based power plant which will produce 900 MW, while Punjab Power plant will produce electricity of 1263 MW. The third one is Sindh Power Plant, which will help to get 1200 MW. Around 20 Thermal Projects are working in Pakistan which is adding 7925 MW to the nation. Majority of these projects are running on Furnace oil.

Coal is a dirty fuel, not just because of its high carbon content compared with other fossil fuels but also because it keeps a large amount of toxic heavy metals and other chemicals. Burning coal, oil, and natural gas have serious and long-standing negative impacts on public health, local communities and ecosystems, and the global climate. So the Government of Pakistan should take serious notice on upcoming Fossils Fuels Project and must implement alternative renewable Energy resources to make the country Green.

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